Building up a mindset against corruption

Corruption has invaded every sphere of life and is causing undue suffering to the common man. From the Middle East to India, to Europe, the voice against corruption is getting louder. So far, most anti-corruption initiatives are confined to blaming the establishment and launching organized movements against corruption. However, such measures alone will not be sufficient to weed out the corruption from politics, bureaucracy and daily social life. We need to address the issue of corruption at multiple levels. The Big C of corruption can be tackled with 5Cs which are strong antidotes to corruption.


The best antidote to corruption is to inculcate a sense of belongingness in people. Corruption ends where belongingness begins. Nobody indulges in corruption with their own family members. A sense of belonging to a community can lessen corruption. That is why corruption is lowest at the village level but much greater in the cities. One of the roles of The Art of Living movement is to create a sense of belongingness between people and communities. It is not enough to confine our sense of belonging with just a handful numbers in the family. We need to expand it into a big family and make the whole world your family. Spiritual values and practices naturally nurture and enhance a sense of belongingness in people.


Lack of self-esteem and confidence in one’s own ability makes one materialistic and leads to corruption in a bid to achieve more. When confidence blossoms and a person finds a sense of security in his own abilities, corruption can be minimized. It needs inner strength and courage to say no to giving bribe. This inner strength and awareness needs to be awakened in people. If the general public stands up against corruption by not giving bribes, then how will anyone take? Through our Corporate Culture and Spirituality symposiums, we are spreading awareness among businessmen and decision makers that doing business ethically with a humane touch is very much practical. One can make very good profits and be ethical. There is no such thing as a trade-off between ethics and business. Instead, there is a strong and positive spiritual and economic correlation.


The culprit is not corrupt people, but a corrupt mindset. Seeing life in the context of space and time widens one’s vision. When we realize that life is short and we are all going to die, there seems no point in being unethical and hoarding wealth. Seeing life from a different perspective of extended space and time deepens the vision, broadens the mind and enriches the heart. If we can replace the feeling of lack with a feeling of abundance in a person, he/she will not think about indulging in corruption.

Care and Compassion:

Care and compassion in society can bring back dedication and remove corruption. Spirituality makes one stress-free, connects to a deeper aspect of one’s self where human values of compassion and commitment can flourish. Politicians need to be more spiritual. Integration of spirituality into politics will create “a sense of responsibility and belongingness” in people that is