From One ‘WHY’ to
Another ‘WHY’

Vandna Aadesh, Art of Living Teacher

Why do I need meditation? I am happy! Satisfied with my life, everything is going good, so what is the need to meditate? I used to ask myself. But who knew I would still end up on an Art of Living course and learn meditation and other techniques? And the good part is, I never regretted it. In fact, after that, the first ‘why’ changed to another ‘why’! “Why have I been missing something as powerful as meditation in my life?”

The change with regular meditation was definitely immense! Suddenly, it seemed that my life had a different meaning which I never realized earlier. If you had asked me earlier what was the purpose of my life, like most people I would have seen it as limited to my own life or the 5-6 members of my family. But now, it’s much beyond that. It has been 12 years now that I have been meditating and I work for different service projects from time to time. Right now, I am working for 'Volunteer for Better India' and 'Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra'.

Meditation calms me down and increases my focus and efficiency. It also gives me the insight to move through every step that comes my way with clarity. Let me share an instance. When we initiated the project on Volunteer for Better India in Delhi, we did not know what to do and how to work on the campaign. One day, as I was meditating, the plan became clear to me - the ways to take the project forward, how to train people for it, etc. It became so effortless.

Working for any project requires a lot of inner strength – inner strength so that little things that don't work out don't bog you down. That’s what meditation does for me. There are times when I get physically and mentally tired. At this time, sleep definitely helps but a few minutes of meditation in the morning and evening gives me that extra energy.

Now, I could obviously use this extra energy to earn more money but then I think that with this extra money, I would only go shopping or collect more assets so I would rather spend this energy serving people, which is much more satisfying. So, I do exactly that and I am happy!