An internal Makeover
through Meditation

Ami Patel, Celebrity fashion stylist and Fashion Director L’Officiel India

As a fashion stylist, for over a decade, I am used to transforming people to make them look their best. However, I believe that just this alone is not enough. My true calling is to make people look beautiful inside out. And this is where meditation plays a pivotal role. Fashion is about an external makeover whilst meditation is about an internal makeover. Without depth there can be no height. And the same goes with my profession too. It is meditation that keeps me grounded to what I do best and builds in me the mark of a good stylist. Being a good fashion stylist is also about having humility, an ability to innovate in the moment and a passion to succeed. Meditation has brought out these qualities in me. It keeps me real and unaffected. I consider this as a very important quality not only for a stylist but a human being too. Per say, meditation has helped me develop an intuitive ability. This quality helps me act on the right thought and instinctively know what works while letting go of what does not. There are no second chances in my profession. Getting it right in the moment is the mantra else regret and loss is inevitable. Meditation has helped me develop this clarity of thought to precision. Meditation is part of my daily practices and it is a boon that helps me shed the unnecessary happenings that collects throughout the day and leaves me fresh for newer challenges each day ahead.

Ami Patel, Fashion Director at L’Officiel India, a global fashion magazine, is one of India’s best-known stylists today. She holds a vast experience of 12 years in the fashion industry, with expertise in creating the perfect fashion image. Ami has a knack for transforming people’s personality to give them their best look.