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Way #9 Avoid Procrastinating Work

At some point or the other, we all end up procrastinating things. It’s fine if it happens once in a while, but if you notice yourself doing it more often than ever, you might need to address it.

Have you noticed that you mostly procrastinate work when you feel low on energy or dull? You probably lack the much needed enthusiasm or motivation to start it (there may be other reasons too and you need to observe what is causing you to delay work to find a solution). If lack of enthusiasm is the reason, look no further for an instant solution. The solution lies in meditation. When you meditate, you naturally feel high on energy.

In case you are exhausted with the day’s work and still have much to do, take a break by doing guided meditation online, which will help you relax and rejuvenate yourself. You can do this at office even at your desk by plugging in ear phones.

Way #10 Follow Your Passion

Did you know that all logical, analytical, and judgmental thinking is done by the left hemisphere of our brain, while the right hemisphere takes care of all things creative? If you are involved in work that requires more left-brain activity, you must try something creative once you come back home. This balances the left- and right-brain activities and reduces stress. Ensure you complete work at the office itself; it will become easier for you as your work will not chase you home.

Striking a balance between the kinds of activities you have to do and the ones you love to do can help harmonize and balance your outlook towards life and might help you look at the brighter side of situations.

Way #11 Keep Good Company

Do you have friends whose words are comforting when you are distressed? Yes, the kind of friends you keep can make a lot of difference in life. If you find yourself emotionally weaker than before after discussing your problems with some people, you can opt to avoid such company. Spending more time with people who uplift you and boost your morale when you feel low can make a lot of difference in life.

Your approach towards life and its problems can be molded by the company you keep.

Meditation can help you find good company. Meditation can make you peaceful. A peaceful person would want to spend more time with a person who is also peaceful, and this way you end up spending more time in good company.

A round at a Panchakarma near your place can help you a lot in leading a healthy lifestyle while you manage stress.

The kind of food you eat largely determines your state of mind. You can read about nutritional cooking here and share it with family and friends. Let us spread health and happiness around.

A little stress is okay…

While high levels of stress can accumulate toxins in your body, a little stress is okay—it keeps you attentive. A little stress at work is like a pinch of salt to food. But how much is that little much? As much stress as doesn’t make you uncomfortable is good for you. Again, you have to become aware of what is happening in your mind and body. What sensations do you feel when you think of work? An unpleasant sensation is not a good sign. You may practice the aforementioned solutions and get relieved of stress.

Take to a Sahaj Samadhi Meditation course near your place and find your stresses disappearing in a jiffy.

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