Oman Salutes Good Health
with Yogathon

Oman, May 13: The Sultanate of Oman was rocked by a six-week yoga feast - the Yogathon 2012. More than 6,000 participants from different walks of life learnt to do Sun Salutations at different locations in Oman. The Grand Finale was held on May 13th at the New Sports Hall at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex where thousands performed Sun Salutations at the same time. It was a spectacular event graced by the Royal Family, Ambassadors, top Omani businessmen and officials from the Ministry of Sports.

Yogathon is a unique health initiative by The Art of Living which saw people coming together to perform 108 Sun Salutations as salutation to good health. The aim of the initiative was to foster good health through the practice of yoga.

Oman witnessed regular yoga sessions being held in the local communities. 720 members of the Oman Ministry of Sports including Arab women learnt to perform the Sun Salutations. While administrators from the Correctional Center participated in the Yogathon, a Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES+) was conducted at the Correctional Center for the wardens and the administrators. More than 300 students in two schools and Sultan Qaboos University learnt how to do Sun Salutations gracefully. In just six weeks, Yogathon reached out to people from all strata of society, ensuring good health for one and all.

“Yogathon garnered a very good response from the people of Oman. More than 6,000 participants learnt and practiced Sun Salutations at different locations in Oman over a period of one month,” shared Asma, faculty, The Art of Living in Oman.

The grand finale of the event was held at New Sports Hall at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on 13th May where over 6,000 yoga enthusiasts took part. The star attraction was a choreographed performance of Sun Salutation, a guided meditation, and clapping exercise led by Asma and Oman’s Youth Empowerment Program members. 

All participants who completed 108 rounds of Sun Salutation received Gold certificates. The youngest participant to complete 108 Sun Salutations was eight-years-old! Many Omani and Arab women won gold certificates as well. The finale was held as two events, one of which was exclusively for women. 

The Royal family graced the grand finale with their presence. Ambassadors, Oman's business class and Officials from Ministry of Sports also cheered the participants who did Sun Salutations.

Through its stress-elimination programs and initiatives, The Art of Living over the years has been working tirelessly to bring in good health in the lives of people all across the globe. In the words of its founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “When a society is free from crime and violence and has respect for diversity, it is healthy. Similarly, a body which is flexible and can adapt to different conditions is healthy. The signs of good health are an intellect which is free from inhibition and arrogance, a heart which is full of compassion is healthy, a confusion-free mind, a trauma-free memory and a sorrow-free soul.”