What People Say


After completing medical school followed by 4 years of specialty training while being married to a physician and having 3 very active boys, I found it very difficult to sit still and relax. Sahaj Samadhi taught me not only how to sit still, but to feel the stillness inside and to be able to carry that sense of peace with me while in activity.

Dr. Jennifer Irwin

When I was 16 years, I wanted to do meditation. I started trying it out through books and trial and error. I had one good experience and failed to achieve it later. So I gave up on meditation. Later when I started to learn Sahaj, I could relate directly when the teacher said, “It’s not about the experience, but the benefits to your mind and body”. This was such an Aha! experience and with proper guidance it has made all the difference in my life.

Frank Schmidt
Business Analyst, Norway & India


I had always heard and seen people meditating, but never quite understood what "happens" or what one "does" for meditation; until 24th Feb 2009, when I joined the Art of Living by doingthe Part-1 Course. And then - the flight began! I have since then been practising meditation everyday! It has been a truly enriching and transforming experience for me, since every day's meditation is different from the previous day's! It brings in newer insights and more depth. I have become more observant of my inner thoughts and my awareness has increased. Not only that, it has helped me to become more calm and centered, more focused and also my intuitive skills have sharpened a lot ever since I started meditating. The Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is like Instant Coffee - in almost no time you're transported to a different realm. Such is the power of the technique! Meditation is going to be one habit that I am going to keep for all time to come. It truly is the art of doing NOTHING!

Anirudh Singh
Pune, India