Yoga for Children: Playing
in Childhood’s Sun

Bringing up a child in today's stressed world that has constant pressures thrown from all sides, is full of challenges for most parents. Yoga offers good solutions to parenting kids and nurturing human values in them. Sharing and caring becomes their nature. Children learn to respect and honor everything they have.

Every child loves to explore things and ask many questions. Yoga is the path to an unexplored and adventurous world for children and parents. It calms and relaxes the mind, inspiring enthusiasm and creativity to handle children, and in adults too.


Giving Children The Yoga Boost

Taught the right way, with games and fun-filled processes, children love yoga. Children are inexhaustible power houses of energy. This energy gets wasted if is not channelized. A set of simple and easy yoga asanas that help channelizing energy in children, bringing out imagination and creativity in them is also available. A child practicing suryanamaskars and some yoga asanas, everyday coupled with few minutes of pranayama and meditation can bring about a tremendous and positive change in his or her environment. A child benefits in many way from regular practice of yoga. To name a few:

  • A fit & healthy body
  • Relaxed, happy & stress-free mind
  • Sharp & clear intellect
  • Skill in actions
  • Effectiveness in communication

Recently, 10-year-old Rohit asked me a question, "Painting, drawing, music, singing, dancing, taekwondo, karate, PT, football, cricket and so many temptations! Tabs, I-Pads, X- box, Computer games, video games, HD TV with over thousand options, mobile phones, gadgets and other exciting invitations! Life has so much to offer and such less time to enjoy it all. Can I escape studies, school, tuitions, exams and competitions! What should I do with teachers, parents, principal, doctors, friends and their expectations! How much can I do in one life?" "Experience the power of Yoga! It is infinite and immediate," I said with a smile. "Practice for a few minutes every day and get time to do it all without affecting other things. Excel in studies, master games both virtual and physical, impress teachers and parents, have fun with friends and TV, enjoy music and dancing, you can do it all, in this one life. Good news is, you will also have energy to do all this and lots more, while keeping your health intact."

Teaching yoga to kids is most exciting and rewarding for children and teachers both.


By Hetal Mehta

(Hetal Mehta is an Art of Living teacher, specializing in teaching children and teens. Often mistaken for a little girl herself, Hetal is passionate about teaching children essential life skills.)

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