5 Reasons Why You
Need Yoga Buddies

Face it: as exotic as it sounds to de-stress, relax and keep fit with a regular yoga routine, it is almost as difficult to get the discipline to stick to the practice. Yoga, like any other skill in life, requires hours of sincere lessons, days of unrelenting focus, and months of continual practice.

The Perfect Yoga Mat(e)

So whether you are a beginner or an expert, sometimes all you need is that extra push to stick to a yoga routine.

This is where yoga buddies comes to the rescue. Remember that friend who pushed you to try yoga first time? Or that friend who always wanted to give yoga a try but never had a chance? Or that quiet person you meet once in a while in your yoga class who always wished she had more friends who were into yoga?

So if you look well enough, it won't take you long to find yoga buddies. And suddenly the path to being a yogi becomes more fun, adventurous and tranquil.

Here are five reasons how having yoga buddies can benefit you:

Yoga buddies save you on a rainy day

Goes without saying why this works. When one of you is down or going through a difficult time, it's great to have a yoga buddy tell you, 'This is why you need yoga now more than ever'. Yoga philosophy and practices keep your energy levels and happiness quotient high.

Take the plunge, commit to your yoga mat(e)

You know how easy it is to bail out of stuff when it is just you. When the mind wants its comfort zone on a cold Saturday morning while you have a yoga class, the 'but-I'm-so-tired' excuse is legendary. But if you have a buddy to make you stick to your commitment, you realize that short-term pain is really a long-term gain.

Deeper experience free with yoga buddies

Yoga is possibly one of the only skills that has as many intangible benefits as tangible ones. Besides having a fit body and a calm mind, yoga practitioners experience a lot of 'extras' (if you practice yoga you know what I am talking about). When you have a yoga buddy, you not only learn from your experience but also from that of your buddy's.

Confidence is just a breath away

We all have our days when we doubt ourselves, our practices, and whether we are going in the right direction. In spite of having obvious benefits and tangible results, when the seed of doubt is planted, it takes no time for it to get viral. At a moment like this, a buddy gives confidence to move through it. One day you will look back and be grateful to your yoga buddies for reinforcing strength and confidence in you.

Two is company, three is fun!

The most boring way of practicing yoga has to be in front of the TV. When you have a yoga buddy, it is easy to make yoga a deep as well as a fun experience. For example, taking an intensive yoga holiday together, doing yoga with family in a park, or simply throwing a yoga party for all your 'uninitiated' friends together.

Now that the benefits of having yoga buddies are clear, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find your perfect Yoga Mat(e).

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