Chapter 2 Three Levels of Happiness

In this world, there is always a play of positive and negative. Some problems come, some challenges come, and solutions also follow them. The ancient people would simply focus on keeping their energy high. If your energy is high and people come to you, their problems will get solved.

What generally happens when people talk to you about their problems? You get steeped into their problems. You get carried away with their problems. Just try this. Let everybody come and complain a 100 things to you, you simply keep your energy high, and your mind inwards as though nothing has happened. You will realize that there is freedom within you.

You can experience happiness at three levels:

#1 Happiness in Society and the Environment

This is what everybody thinks happiness is, having happy situations. And it is natural! How would you feel in a place where everybody around you thinks only about himself or herself? Would you like to be in such a group where there is no sharing, no sense of belongingness, and no happiness? So happiness in the environment is the first kind of happiness.


#2 Happiness of the Mind

When one accepts things and moves in knowledge then happiness of the mind happens. Sometimes everybody around you is happy and you are serving others also, but you are not happy in your mind; there is no fulfillment. Dedication brings the second level of happiness.

#3 Happiness of the Soul

The third level is the happiness of the soul. This level of happiness happens when the soul is united with the Divine. When the soul is united with the entire cosmos then there is total happiness. When there is no duality, no two, when you are in deep meditation, then you experience this innermost joy.


Q: What is happiness and how do we achieve it in an endearing kind of way?

I see happiness as our very nature. Peace and happiness is what we are made up of!
So the quest is the quest towards the self. Every individual at some point or the other, wants to know the truth; 'What is the truth? What is the ultimate reality? Where am I going?'
These questions I feel is a kind of maturity, and it should dawn on everybody.

Q: When am I truly happy?

True happiness is when you find inner stability, inner comfort, and when you know you are connected to something much bigger than what you can even imagine. True happiness is when you know that there is some power in you which is unshakeable – the love or God that is deep inside you, that manages or keeps the orderliness in the whole creation. When you know that then nobody and nothing whatsoever can take away your happiness.

Q: Even though I try hard to make everyone happy, even then there is unhappiness all around me. What to do?

At least you be happy. Don’t lose you happiness even if others are not uplifted by your efforts. 
See this world like a dream. Sometimes even in a wakeful state you need to see this world like a dream. Now you are looking at me, is it a dream or truth? Have you ever had this though in your mind? This could be a dream! 
When you see all events and incidents in life as a dream, then there is a shift of the energy inside you, and you feel contented and strong. Then no matter what the event, you can smile through it. And with the help of spirituality, this strength comes to you very naturally.

Quotes on three levels of happiness

“Anything we do in life is directed towards happiness. That is how the mind works. And the greatest happiness is in reposing in the being.” GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR
“Happiness depends only on your mind. When the mind is free of past impressions and future cravings, happiness is there.” GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR
“If you follow fun, misery follows you. If you follow knowledge, happiness will follow you.” GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR
“Happiness has never left any life untouched. At some point in life, everybody will be happy.” GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR
“Life always flows in search of joy and the highest joy is in the Divine. We must always aim to attain the Divine.” GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR