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The Intuition Process wakes up our latent intuitive potentials through specific Art of Living techniques on brain activation and meditation.

This revolutionary two-day program teaches children and teenagers from 5 years up to 18 years of age, simple and powerful techniques which enable them to access, cultivate and maintain their inherent intuitive capacity.

Intuition is the faculty of knowing or understanding something without the need for conscious reasoning or proof. As a culture, we have learned to follow our rational thinking as we go through our daily lives. We pay little attention to our inner voice, our gut feeling, that instinctual form which goes beyond our layers of reasoning.

We were all born with a naturally intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. As we grow, our culture and education obstruct us from developing our capacity to access our inner potential, especially when we need them most.

Intuition Process Course Elements

The Intuition Process is a 5-7 hours workshop taught over two days.

Children are taught techniques to develop their latent intuitive potential.

Decision Making Skills

In the process of growing up, each choice we make is an important step towards becoming the person we want to be in life. How do we know what to choose? Intuition brings the right thought at the right moment. It connects us to a bigger understanding of life, allowing us to make decisions from a space of clarity and knowing.

Communication Skills

Intuition helps us to connect with people on a different level. We can feel the other person. We know what needs to be said and done without the other even telling us. This brings more harmony in our relations and helps us to be a real support for others when they need us.

Self Confidence

Accessing our intuitive abilities also means connecting with ourselves. While practicing the techniques taught in the Intuition Process, participants dive deep into their inner world. They establish a natural relation with themselves built on trust, harmony, and love. Being aware of this beauty within, it becomes easier to relate to others.

Learning Skills

Through our intuitive abilities, we can access new learning skills, different from everything that was taught to us before. Participants share that using the power of intuition, studying not only becomes easier but that a whole new dimension of learning opens up.

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