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We are pleased to introduce you Mrs. Liz Luedemann

Despite taking good care of her skin, Liz began suffering from skin problems in the 1970s.Her dermatologist helplessly stated “I don’t know of any therapy for your skin problems. Skin care contains preservatives and synthetic ingredients are just not good for your skin, and there aren’t any other skin care products”. 

At the time Liz worked in children’s fashion, but had the heart of an innovative and powerful entrepreneur. On a January morning in 1980, she sat up in her bed with a vision for the solution – also a vision for her life.

She knew she had to develop and manufacture an effective, healthy, natural and outstanding cosmetic line of the highest quality with natural ingredients. 

This vision became a reality and gives her total fulfillment today. Her skincare line embodies her creativity, energy, joy and young expression.

Natural Cosmetics – Made in Bad Antogast

Our body and skin is a living organism which changes constantly. Our body is a mirror of our mind and soul.  Whatever cosmetics we put on our skin is absorbed into our skin cells and blood.

Our holistic and sustainable products have been developed in a way that a balance of life energy is solid.

LIZ LUEDEMANN Art of Living Cosmetics is made from certified natural ingredients; that protect the skin, stimulate the cells and support a healthy and therefore beautiful skin.

Many people take their skin for granted, but our skin has several basic needs. First, it needs to be kept as clean as possible. Second, the skin needs to be protected from environmental influences, weather, sunlight and pollution. LIZ LUEDEMANN Art of Living Cosmetics line products gives full care for your skin.

Ayurvedic Facial Treatments and Massages

In Bad Antogast you can experience very special treatments based on classical Ayurvedic beauty care in combination with the Liz Luedemann Art of Living Cosmetics.

You can also learn how to give these treatments in a special workshop offered by Liz Luedemann. In a practical way you will learn the technique and application of the Ayurvedic face massage, using individually adapted creams, oils and tonics. One will also learn how to broaden the facial treatment, i.e. how to perform Ayurvedic massages (Mukhabhyanga, Shirobhyanga, Marmabhyanga) of the neck, the décolleté and the head, next to the cosmetic practices for skin rejuvenation.

Workshops, Seminars about Natural Cosmetics, Skin could be booked on request.

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