Face-2-Face with Sri Sri – Thousands connect online with Sri Sri

Watch the Replay of Face-2-Face

Over a million people in 30,000 locations in 146 countries viewed the 90-minute 'Face2Face with Sri Sri' event on June 23, 2013.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar answered a diverse range of questions, which were sent in by the viewers. The topics ranged from love, relationships and mantras for Success. He also conducted a special meditation.

Personal QA with Gurudev

Find out details you have never heard before (+ short wit and wisdom videos)! Listen to tips and tricks on success and creativity.

Global peace QA with Gurudev

Do you know what is going on in the world on matters of peace? Hear what famous peacemakers have to ask Gurudev on global peace. What are the concerning issues of today and how to solve them on a global level?

Online guided meditation

Over 1 million people will join to meditate together for a stress-free and violence-free society

Love and relationships QA with Gurudev

Music video with dancers from around the world

Last but not least, a burning question for all: how to start, handle and/or maintain relationships? What is love?

A Few Quotes

Here are a few quotes from Gurudev's replies to the questions asked in #SriSriFace2Face

"Power and money come & go, but the social good we do remains forever."

"Life is bigger than one job or relationship! Rise above these and get a broader perspective of life."

"Any movement or agitation should be against issues never against people."

"Violence against oneself is as bad as violence against somebody else."

"There are no signs of true love. It has no proof. It can only be felt. Never demand or force love on your spouse. It dawns in a delicate way."

"Everyone has the capability to be transformed."

"Terrorists never appreciate diversity which is what the universe is. They want everything to be uniform."

Post-Event Wrap Up

23rd of Jun 2013 Bangalore, India

Gurudev: Let non-violence be the guiding principle of social uprising across the world…

Gurudev took to Facebook with a live event where people asked questions, seeking guidance on issues ranging from love and relationships to maintaining faith in times of calamities, addictions, depression, success, and societal violence.

The Art of Living Family worldwide paid a tribute to Gurudev  in a special dance video. Watch the dance video here.

Live stream analysts reported that 148 countries were logged in to chat for Face-2-Face with Gurudev.

VIP participants included Monika Griefahn, Former Member of the German Parliament and co-founder of Greenpeace Germany; Ricardo E Harvey, Coordinator of the program of Security, Corrientes, Argentina; Mrs Shirin Ibrihem Fattah Amedi, Secretary-General of Iraq, Kurdish Women's Union; and civil society members from countries like Korea, Turkey and Iran.

Addressing social uprisings in different parts of the world, Gurudev called for non-violence to be the guiding principle for any agitation and movement. “We need to see that the demonstrations are peaceful, because they are against a cause, not a person,” he said, responding to a question from Marcelo Freixo, Congressman from Brazil.

To a question from a civil society group in Pakistan on how to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan, he emphasized the need for educating the masses about the oneness of creation. “We are a one-world family. Our first and foremost identity is that we are part of life. The rest of our identities are secondary,” he told.

For most people, Facebook has been a casual medium for fun, but on this day it became a powerful tool for a social transformation.