Yoga and fitness- Adopting the language of yoga to your body

Yoga is an effective way to maximize the joy of living in a fit and healthy body. Regular practice of yoga can give more flexibility, more stability and give your body good balance and strength.

Yoga: Need of the hour

Stress is the reason for many of the physical problems that we face today: it causes high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, obesity and asthma. Yoga includes rhythmic breathing which helps release the stress from your system. This can lead to a gradual improvement in physical fitness.

Manifold effects of simple yoga asanas

The simple yoga positions gives a complex, effective and multi-dimensional training and toning to the body. For example: in the positions done on the floor: you simply lie and hold a position while you breathe and during those 40 (or more or less) seconds that the position lasts, your whole body gets a complex workout where most of the muscles of the body is trained and toned in a relaxed, soothing and aware manner.

The effects of yoga are, both, on the physical and mental level:

Physical level

  • An improved blood circulation
  • A stronger immunesystem
  • Improved cardiovascular system, lymph system &respiratory system
  • Less fatigue
  • Balanced cholesterol level

Mental level

A peaceful mind complements a healthy body. Yoga releases the toxins that get accumulated in the cells of our body due to everyday stress. This makes the mind more calm and peaceful.

By regular yoga practice, you also start to burn unnecessary fat, so your cholesterol level is balanced. Another beautiful thing about the yoga practice is the feeling of freedom you get in the body and the mind as you become more centered, strong and flexible.

4 steps to a fit body with yoga

  • A healthy body through yoga is just four steps away:
  • Warm-up with joint movements.Includes light asanas
  • Yoga postures. Can include sun salutations, Padmasadhana
  • Relaxation: After practicing yoga, it is important to lie down and relax for a few minutes. Taking your attension to various parts of the body also helps.
  • Pranayamas and meditation: Regularly doing pranayams and meditation adds to the positive effect of yoga.

Through this unique four-step yoga practice, your body can get a profound workout and relaxation. Practicing rhythmic breathing with yoga helps the mind to go deeper. This is a reason that many athletes today are incorporating yoga into their training programs.

When yoga is practiced in an authentic way with all the four steps intact you will feel a wonderful calmness and ease in your body and mind during the training and afterwards in your daily life. So the stress in your system gradually can leave you along with your physical problems that is caused by stress.

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If you want to experience these effects, you could join a Sri Sri Yoga class near you and learn yoga with a trained teacher.