Art of Living

Art of Living

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Founder of the Art of Living, Gurudev has transformed the lives of millions worldwide through meditation, yoga, and practical wisdom

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Art of Living Part I

Discover SKY Breath Meditation, an evidence-based technique that quickly reduces stress, balances emotions, and restores calm

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Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Learn how to let go of worries and enjoy deep rest with this practical, effective, and effortless meditation practice

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Art of Living Part II

Unplug from the world for a few days to give yourself a true vacation for mind, body, and spirit with a silent retreat

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Sri Sri Yoga

Improve your flexibility and nourish your spirit with this deeply relaxing style of yoga and its wealth of mind-body benefits

Through Ancient Meditation Techniques

  • “Life Changing”

  • “May be the fastest-growing spiritual practice on the planet”

  • “Like Fresh Air to

  • “Show promise in providing relief for depression”




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Prison Rehabilitation


prison inmates & staff have been transformed through these programs in over 65 countries

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Tree Plantations

81 millions

trees planted in 36 countries

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Trauma Relief for Veterans & Families


veterans & their families have experienced this program

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Stress-free College Campuses


students across 110+ colleges and universities have taken meditation and breathwork courses

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Working for peace In our cities


Increase in the ability to remain calm in challenging situations. The program has brought together at-risk youth and law enforcement to build trust and peace

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Empowering Children K-12


Students across 225 schools have received the tools and mentorship needed to manage their minds and emotions.

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