Art of Living
Part 2 Course

Art of Living
Part 2 Course


Uncover the profound art of inner silence


Immerse yourself in deep rest & rejuvenation


Naturally elevate your energy levels

Why take a few days to unplug from the world for a silent retreat?

The Part 2 Course builds on your Part 1 experience* with a unique blend of advanced breathwork, signature guided meditations, daily yoga, and profound insights into the mind. This is all designed to provide an optimal environment to break free from a busy mind, dive deep within, and experience transformative shifts—fresh perspective, deep insights, and clarity. These moments supercharge the rest of your year, making it more vibrant, productive, and full of energy. As you emerge, you feel centered, recharged, and ready to embrace life with renewed focus and joy. This retreat is your avenue to rekindle your connection with SKY Breath Meditation, elevating your energy to new heights.

*You can take the Part 2 Course only after completing the Part 1 Course. If you would like to do a silent retreat and have not yet done Part 1, please visit this page. 

Deep Meditations

Exclusive to this course—immerse in unique guided meditations crafted by Gurudev to release deep layers of stress and tension.


Experience the extraordinary peace and rest that come from spending time in silence.


Unite mind and body through invigorating morning yoga sessions.


Tap into timeless teachings that equip you to lead a joyful and fulfilling life, unshaken by outer circumstances.

"Meditation is absolute comfort, coming back to the serenity that is your original nature."

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Transforming lives through silence