Art of Living
Part 1

Art of Living
Part 1


Increase your energy levels


Improve your sleep


Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

What is the Art of Living Part 1 course?

The Art of Living-Part 1 course teaches SKY—a powerful rhythmic breathing technique that harmonizes the body-mind complex. Participants notice reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, a stronger immune system, and increased energy levels.

Key Highlights

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Breathing exercise to improve your energy levels and reduce stress

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Sudarshan Kriya™

Learn the most powerful breathing technique based on an ancient tradition

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5 Keys to a Joyful Life

Simple toolkit to help you navigate life joyfully

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Join weekly for in-person or online group SKY practice with our certified instructors

  • “Life Changing”

  • “May be the fastest-growing spiritual practice on the planet”

  • “Like Fresh Air to

  • “Show promise in providing relief for depression”


"The mind is like a kite, and the breath is like the string of the kite. Just like you control a kite with the string, same way with the breath you can start to have some control over your mind"

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Unlock New Levels of Calm, Clarity and Focus for Life

With this 3-day online or in-person course starting at $245

Transforming Lives



increased calm

in 4 weeks 1



reduced anxiety

in 6 weeks 2



reduction in insomnia

in 4-8 weeks 3



reduction in stress

hormone “cortisol” in 3 months 4



increase in social connection

in 4 weeks 5



reduced depression

in 4 weeks 6

Art of Living Part 1

Join the 45 million individuals across 180 countries who have experienced the benefits of this distinctive 3-day course (2.5 hours per day)

In Person: $395 | Online $245

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