Interesting challenges you should enjoy when you are working from home

Were you among those who prayed every Monday for an extended weekend? Or did you want to only watch movies and chill at home? Were you among those who wished that there was forever work from home and complained, ‘Why do we have to work?’ Well, then, the current global lockdown is your prayer answered - sort of . While many are loving the work from home to combat COVID-19 (commonly called as coronavirus), many others are reporting boredom too. 

These two words are giving rise to mixed feelings across the globe: quarantine and social distancing. But then, that’s what they said on social media stories until now right: the universe grants what you want!

For a large percentage of the population, there is a whole set of new challenges: 

  • Will I again sleep on my desk?
  • Will my neighbor disturb me even today for an hour?
  • Will my help actually lesson me on marriage and recession?
  • How am I to take a bath when I don’t feel like it when at home?’

Even in the past when the world was confronted with unfortunate incidents, there were several heart-warming, and humorous stories. So let’s look at some quarantine, work-from-home stories, while you’re busy learning ways to wash your hands all over again! 

Here are a few professionals who are afraid of their weird habits popping up while they work from home. We have decided to help them out! 

Situation 1: Fall asleep when working from home

“When working from home, I usually start early. I log in at 9 am sharp although my login time is 9.30 am. Things go very well. I am happy to be in my comfort zone and work at peace. But things start getting complicated when my eyes start shutting off. It is just beyond me how I manage to sleep on my desk while I am working! It is truly unconscious. I find it funny, honestly. Then when I wake up, I suddenly try to recollect what I was doing, and try to pick up work from where I left.”

Jai Desai, digital marketing professional

Quick tip:

We truly can understand this feeling where the comfort of our home urges us to sleep, even more, when we have to work from home. Our suggestion would be  for long hours. Get up every 30-40 minutes to drink water, or just walk around. Home is a place where the energy is that of relaxation, so the mind is attuned to feeling sleepy, or lazing around. To break this energy, we recommend some exercise, maybe change the set-up of your workstation to get the office vibe. 

Also, it is advised to meditate in the morning and right before lunch. You could even consider doing a yoga nidra post lunch. It is relaxing, and usually time bound to 20 minutes. That's why you will feel rested without the urge to fall asleep! 

Another reason to love us: Here are some quick links to relaxing online guided meditations.

Situation 2: Should I start my work-from-home too! 

“It was the first day of my work from home. I had just woken up and was sitting on the sofa. My house help came for her work. But her string of questions surprised me. 

Lady Friday: You’re here! Why are you home today? 

Me: My office has announced work-from-home for all employees. 

Lady Friday (looking suspicious, scared): Do you have the viral fever? Do you have coronavirus? 

Me: I am totally fine! It’s just a precaution for everyone. 

Lady Friday (sarcastic): Perhaps you should also consider giving me such a luxurious option. Should I file in my application to start my work-from-home from tomorrow! What are the other perks you’re offering? 

Harshita KP, a software engineer

Quick tip: 

Absolutely understandable. There are so many such service providers who do not have the liberty to work-from-home. Our milk delivery man, postal service people, those in the medical field, food delivery guys, public transport fellow, the cleaners who keep our city clean, those who work in water supply departments and government services - making our lives easier. If you can, do give them some relief in any way possible. If it’s a house help, then call them less often. Also, since it’s a trying time for them, it will be a good idea if you can consider paying them full salary even if they were absent. Also, if you plan to stock up some food, then how about giving them some share too? After all, humanity will always begin with you, and your actions! And encourage others around you to do the same. 

The one thing that we can practice, undoubtedly, is compassion. And to mention them in our prayers

“This is a time for people to seek inner peace, inner solace and comfort each other. Don't lose hope and heart. This is the time to show compassion. There are many people who are living hand-to-mouth. They cannot survive if there is no daily earning. Such people need reassurance that at the moment of panic we are with you. Help people to sail through this toughest time in their life. Small restaurants are closed. People working in small restaurants and earning their livelihood must be panicking. Here we have to show solidarity with them. When all of us show solidarity with them, they will not lose their heart. They will keep moving ahead.”


- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Situation 3: Can I remove work from work-from-home?

“I just don’t feel like working. If I am home, I do not know what exactly I will do, but I do not want to work. Also, music becomes a distraction of sorts. It’s funny how I think that soft music in the background will help me work better or focus. But no! I totally get distracted. However, there is another bizarre thing that is happening with me: my meditations are now deeper. Usually, work hours and workload are too much every day, I often skip meditation. Now, surprisingly, I am not only getting the time to meditate but am also discovering the positive effects of meditation. I am loving meditation so much now.

Did I mention I’m also discovering other distracting skill sets like becoming a pro at Instagram stalking, certified Netflix binge watcher and potato chips master eater!!” 

A team lead in IT company, name withheld on request.

Quick tip:

The idea of a 9 to 5 job itself feels like a burden to many working people. The quarantine period will help you gain a deeper insight into your personality, your actual likes, and your dislikes. Many times, we develop our liking due to the external influence. But this time could be a true turning point in the lives of many who will consciously pay attention to small things that they are now doing differently. 

Also, while at it, you can also acquire new skills. You can manage your time much better now. Meditation will make you efficient and as you finish your work in time, you will have many more additional minutes to do something new. 

Gurudev says: “This is the time you are locked up in your homes and rooms. Do not miss meditation. Meditate twice or thrice every day. This is the time you can acquire more skills. You can do yoga. You can do many things that you do on a vacation. No one asks, ‘What can I do while I am on a vacation?’ You read books, there is so much wisdom available. Listen to music or learn music. 

You can do a million things. No point in reading the same old news and getting depressed. You can chat with people. There are so many people who are upset, you can uplift them. Why don't you slow down, calm down, cool down for a few days? You have the ability to let go and relax. Just do that.”

Situation 4: Binging, munching, sleeping and then working! 

“I just see others around me and I feel so sleepy. It is a real challenge to stay awake as I am the one working. But others are not. They are free to do whatever they wish to, but I cannot. So many times, I catch myself sleeping. This is not it. I have this intense craving for food. I do not know how but when I am on work-from-home duty, I am just hungry all the time. The cravings are a distraction too. I need to eat something yummy, preferably unhealthy and fun. And yes, every 45 minutes!”

Meghana Shetty, financial analyst

Quick tip:

It is not unusual for anyone to binge when at home. Food, mind, and body are all related. So just keep in mind to choose healthy and sattvik food when cravings come in. Choose fresh, vegetarian and healthy food over junk or packaged food. This is because healthy and fresh food boosts energy levels, keeps your mind fresh and also helps curb unnecessary cravings. It may be not easy for many to  curb their cravings suddenly, but it is a good idea to pay attention to the food habits and choose wisely. 

As far as sleep is concerned, you can experiment with fragrances, chantings, soothing music or take breaks to do some yoga stretches. See, what works for you. It is not the time to be harsh on yourself, it is the time to also discover what and how your mind needs support to make you efficient. 

We’re here to support you during this period. The many lifestyle, meditation, music videos and guidelines will be with you at every step. Explore the The Art of Living App and discover a positive rhythm to your day.

Situation 5: Am so bored! 

“I truly hate taking baths when I am working from home. After a point in the day, I get so bored of being at home. I also get bored of work too.”

A content coordinator, name withheld on request.

Quick tip:

Well, keeping oneself clean is the first step to achieving anything in life! So, the rule is simple, just make yourself a home calendar and do not treat the idea of working from home as a holiday. Ensure you follow this self-discipline. The best thing that can help you is your will. But if that seems to be not helping you, then we suggest taking the help of your phone alarm or the reminders! 

Make a group with your other pals who are working from home and let each one of you take the responsibility of ensuring that the timetable is followed. This is also the time to remain in touch and stay connected. So use this habit in your favor and make your ‘We are the Daily Warriors and not Worriers’ group!

There could be several such funny and interesting things that you may have noticed within and without you, especially when working from home. Just get creative and find out how you can break certain habits and welcome the change. 

Further, we urge you to watch what Gurudev has to say on how you can truly utilise this time in your favor. We bet, you’ll be inspired watching this!

Based on wisdom talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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