How to dispel dark thoughts from your mind

We all go through dark times in life. Depression, aggression, anger and disillusionment. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains how to overcome these gloomy emotions. 

1. How to go from depressed to de-stressed

People are aggressive and depressed in society today because of stress. Stress accumulates slowly, but as it does, it blocks the three ‘I’s - Innovation, Inspiration and Intuition. For some time, we tolerate all that happens, but tolerance is also just suppressed stress. Only when you are free from stress and tension, can you be in a state of ahimsa, the first principle of yoga. If you have a broader context in life, then ahimsa becomes a natural way of being. Violence is bad - whether it is on others or yourself.

How do you inculcate ahimsa in your life? By making your vibrations stress-free; this is possible with wisdom.

2. Suppressed anger is a gift of the intellect 

Suppressed anger from the past is never-ending. Do you think you have to express it to get rid of it? If you do, know that it is like trying to stop the waves in the ocean! 

Whom are you angry with? People, incidences, and situations, right? You are included in those ‘people’! Wake up and see that it is useless. If you had expressed your anger in the past, you would now feel regret. Expression would not have made your life any better nor would you have corrected the other person. Your intellect was smart enough not to react in those angry moments. It is an advantage, not a weakness. 

What you have to realize is that it is one energy that takes on different colors. Just as the same electricity is used to make the fridge, fan and light run, one energy manifests as anger, compassion, love, and generosity. 

Wisdom will help you understand that suppressed anger and anger at the past are foolishness. You should act, not react. Suppressed anger is about reaction. If you have not reacted, it is good. 

3. Channelize young energy into service and value-based learning

“All my life…”, “Never!” Have you heard today’s children use these words with a sense of finality? It is a natural consequence of experiencing too much too soon. Because their young minds cannot rationally understand what’s going on. This leads to disillusionment very quickly.

Alongside, with the increase in their experiences, their respect for the previous generation has been decreasing. This is not a healthy sign for any society.

For society to grow organically, youth should respect their elders. Value-based education with a spiritual touch, patience, faith and service should be part of their lessons. They should be encouraged to explore, and become more creative; then, they may become entrepreneurs, scientists or artists. Without this direction, selfishness, aggression, and depression set in very early on.

4. Use SKY to go from darkness to light

The mind is sometimes happy being miserable. Realizing this is a breakthrough that can help you stop it with an undeniable firmness. 

The mind cannot be constant - it goes up and down. So let it be. You are much more than the mind. Fighting with the mind is not going to help. Don’t identify your being with your mind; it is miserable. The mind is just energy. It is influenced by people, food and a host of other things. In this regard, it is important to avoid addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Knowledge can support you to be a winner. With Sudarshan Kriya (SKY), and sadhana, you can come out of your ups and downs more easily. After practicing it regularly, you will find that you not only lose anger quickly but also stop going through negative moments and situations. It is called yoga siddhi. It happens because nature takes care of it and helps you. Beyond this, anything you experience is Karma. Go through it and finish it!

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