Yoga and the Mind

All is well, when the mind feels well.

Hence in yoga, great importance is given to the wellness of the mind.

Regular practice of yoga, benefits the mind in the following ways:

  • Yoga increases peace of mind
  • Yoga improves alertness and clarity
  • Yoga increases ability to deal stress - both short and long term
  • Yoga increases concentration of mind
  • Yoga improves self-esteem
  • Yoga decreases reliance on drugs
  • Yoga provides greater energy and enthusiasm for life

When the mind is not well, the symptoms are:

  • Negative feelings and emotions, which make you feel lazy and lethargic
  • A dip in energy level and enthusiasm
  • Doing yoga is of utmost importance, when the mind is not well. Regular practice of yoga, can pull you out of negativity, and bring you back to your true nature - of peace, joy and enthusiasm
  • With yoga you can attend to the peace within you, and there will be peace everywhere around you