Dear Parents… A Postcard
From Yoga

Dear Mom & Dad,

How are you? I hope you remember me. I am your child’s friend. Yoga is my name. I was born centuries ago and I have supported people to have a healthy body and mind from time immemorial. During the war in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna introduced me to Arjuna so that I could help him on the battlefield. I stood by Lord Rama, who is now well known as a great yogi. Though I belong to the whole world, my best friends have always been children.

I have been with your children ever since they were born. When they were still learning to walk, I helped them strengthen their back by making them do the cat stretch. I would be with them all day. When they would sleep, they would hold me tight, making different mudras (hand poses) which would help them grow physically and mentally. At other times, we would play yoga postures such as naukasana (boat pose). They would lift their hands and head along with their legs as an effort to flip and turn. We would also do pavanmuktasana where they would put their tiny pink toes in their mouths. These yoga pose games would help the growth of their body.

As my young friends grew up, they seem to have got caught up in their busy life. I feel neglected as they do not hang out with me anymore. They spend most of their day with their new friends, television and computer. I miss the intimate time they used to spend with me.

Given a chance, I promise to help your child grow into a healthy adult. Correct practice of yoga postures teaches children to honor their body and honor themselves. When they honor themselves, they become strong, independent individuals with clear thinking. Child yogis do not fall prey to peer pressure or go down the path of drugs and smoke. Yoga knowledge gives them the clarity to take the correct decisions.

If you encourage my friends to spend some time with me, fun postures will help them to break the monotony of their day that arises with hours of continuous studying. Whenever they would need to focus, I would use concentration pranayama as a magic wand to help them improve their attention so that they can complete their homework fast. During exams and presentations, when they would feel nervous I would whisper the secret of the ‘Ha!’ technique in their ears which would give them confidence. Whenever they would get stressed, I would use my tool of breathing exercises to make them calm and peaceful. Whenever they would get dull, just a few minutes of my instant energizer - bhastrika pranayam would energize them.

Playing with me can be a lot of fun. Sometimes we would pretend to be different animals in the jungle and play animal yoga while other times we would play different sports during sports yoga. Every morning we will have fun with uncle Sun while practicing Sun Salutations. This would also help them stay connected with Mother Nature. Every time we would be together, I promise they will have so much fun with me that they would look forward to spend more time with me. I wish to offer so much to my young friends and be a helping hand in your parenthood. All I ask in return is for you and your children to spend some quality time with me and let me be their best friend for life.

Yours sincerely,


PS: To make me a part of your child's life, find me at the ART Excel and YES courses.