Pravriti and Nivriti (Engaged in action, Retire from action)

There are two attitudes, one, you see everything as perfect, another is finding various imperfections.  One is called Pravriti, when you’re engaged in action; nivriti, when you retire from action. Often, we are not okay with the way things are around us and then we get worked up. You don't get rest because when something is not right, your whole tendency is to act towards it and this causes tension.

In Bhagwad Gita  it’s said that the intelligent one knows what is the right attitude for everything. You know when to meditate or go inwards and contemplate. When you have the attitude that everything is okay or perfect then the mind settles down. Meditation is deep rest that helps you become very sharp and alert, and when you find imperfections around, you can correct them. This is the ability of the human mind, this shift from not okay to everything is okay is a skill in itself. That is what sadhna does to you when you’re able to switch off from everything and attain deep rest through meditation. Then again you have to  switch from inaction to action.

Activity and rest are two sides of the human personality, and nature has brought in the perfect balance through 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. Sometimes the day is longer in summers and in winters it compensates. Other time zones, its colder and exactly at the same time elsewhere on the planet it’s hot, so, the heat and cold, day and night are all brought in balance by nature and it is signaling you in so many ways that your life will have to balance between activity and rest.

There are 2 types of rest. One is which you get in your sleep - the inert dull rest and there's the conscience rest, when though you’re in deep rest, inside you’re aware, alert and conscious, that is meditation. That meditative rest is far superior and this alone brings deep rest. It’s in this space that you realize the true importance and meaning of pravriti- action, and nivriti- when you relax your being.

Audience Response: Thank you for everything and for guiding me. I got a lot of things without expectations and I learnt a lot of things in this process.

Gurudev: if you’re really thankful, you must bring this joy and comfort to at least 10 people around you. When it’s very hot you switch on the AC so that you feel comfortable, and spirituality is the AC for the spirit and the mind, for the intellect and the self.

Graphics by Niladri Dutta