3 Science-Backed Ways to Relieve Pain and Stress

Stress has a rotten reputation—but not all of it is bad. The "good" kind gets you across the street quickly when you see an oncoming vehicle, or it motivates you to work towards a deadline. Your body enters self-protection mode and puts you in tip-top shape: your immune system, heart rate, attention and memory all gear up for survival.

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Yoga: Bending it to infinity!

As the world celebrates the fourth International Day of Yoga, it’s time again for this ancient art of inner blossoming to be in the spotlight. Thanks to the global patronage over the last four years, the [...]

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Yoga - the best app for life

Yoga is the way to realize the ultimate truth referred to in Vedanta and universal energy field in Quantum physics. The sublime and imperceptible truth of Vedanta is made more concrete through Yoga. It is [...]

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It’s that time again

Time is one of the great mysteries of life. It is the best storyteller, and there is no witness like time. It is an objective truth in the outside world, running uniformly for everyone but depending on [...]

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Responding to terror

The horrendous attacks in Paris have sent shivers down the spine everywhere in the world. This is a direct assault not only on the European way of life but on values that are common to all liberal. [...]

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