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Life, in its many facets of Family, job, society - demands a lot. Worries, fear and stress can be a natural result. We lose our inner balance, feel weak and lack energy. We stop living our lives, only to function until we are ‚out of function‘. We forget that there are some easy and very basic tools to handle stress and tension. Our own breath is a source to a healthier and happier life. There is a great secret in breath - it has an in-built ability to calm the mind, heal the body and energise the whole system within minutes!

To be able to deal with our mind and negative emotions is an art: The Art of Living.


The breath is the most vital source of energy. Yet, it is known that we typically use only about 30% of our lung capacity. The science around pranayama, the power of breath and the right use of our breath has its roots in ancient wisdom and is still valid for this age. Get to know the breath as a purifying and empowering tool to support the overall well-being of body and mind.

Restore life's natural rhythm of happiness with Sudarshan Kriya®

Ancient knowledge in contemporary application

The central piece of the Art of living Happiness program is a unique and profound breathing technique. A practical tool that restores body, mind and spirit into its natural rhythm of being, the Sudarshan Kriya® has positively transformed millions and millions of lives.
Its uniqueness is not only in its performance, but also in its formation as  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emerged with the Sudarshan Kriya after a ten - day silence period.

Most body toxins are released through the breath. After having released a substantial amount of emotional and physical stress your entire perception on life can be changed.

Along with Sudarshan Kriya, other powerful breathing techniques, yoga and meditation taught in the interactive sessions of the Happiness Program is all that you need for an experience of happiness like never before.

A number of studies have appeared in independent, peer-reviewed journals that attest to the benefits reported by those who do Sudarshan Kriya.

  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Stronger immunity
  • Relief from anxiety & depression

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All this is achieved by attending the Art of Living Happiness Program and doing simple and fun exercises, also by doing easy practices at home.


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  • Technique
  • Benefits
  • Testimonials
  • Course elements include:

    • Practical knowledge to deal with the daily challenges of life
    • Interactive exercises
    • Yoga, stretching and relaxation exercises
    • Meditation and powerful breathing techniques
    • Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique

    The courses are inspired by the ancient wisdom of yoga which Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has adapted for the needs of our modern times.

    The four pillars of the course are: Breathing,Yogic Science,Meditation,Yoga

  • Rediscover Yoga

    Yoga is often considered as just the physical exercises, but this is just a beginning - physical exercise is just one part of it. Next comes the breath and the mind. Tapping the inner source of energy through meditation Yoga is never complete. Sudarshan Kriya, a technique taught in the Art of Living course, takes you to the deepest meditation where body, mind and breath become one rhythm, connecting to the source of life within.

    Just some of the benefits course graduates mention: "The secret lies in our own breath. Through breathing exercises, certain breathing techniques and some practice of meditation, we can rekindle positive vibrations within and around us."

    • reduced stress
    • Greater sense of happiness and enthusiasm
    • More confidence
    • More ease in interpersonal skills
    • Anti-aging and rejuvenation effects
  • "We came to breathe and we experienced the breath of our souls."
    Rabbi, Jerusalem

    "I had an unforgettable experience during the Sudharshan Kriya. I just wanted the experience to go on and on.It’s a journey to love. That beautiful experience will stay with me forever. With regular practice of this unique breathing technique, I have been in a constant state of peace, joy and love.
    Katherine Tan, Housewife and Entrepreneur

    “The Art of Living course gives me back the peace that I had lost. Earlier, everything seemed scattered and felt like a burden. Now, stability, joy and easiness have come together with peace.”
    Zoran Radovic, Professor, Montenegro

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Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. Mehr