Sudarshan Kriya & vagus nerve

World’s most powerful technique

At the core of this workshop is Sudarshan Kriya™, the most powerful breathing technique of our times. It uses specific, natural rhythms of the breath, leading one to a state of deep rest effortlessly. From reducing stress to getting better rest, this technique has shown measurable impact on the quality of life.

Over 100 independent studies conducted in four continents and published in peer review journals have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing the Sudarshan Kriya™.

Workshop benefits

An online 4-day program (2 hours a day) that teaches you Sudarshan Kriya™ along with pranayama, yoga, meditation, and practical wisdom for everyday living.

Quickly & Effectively Reduce Stress

with the Power of Your Own Breath

This workshop gives you expert training in a series of yogic breathing techniques which can reduce your stress, relieve anxiety & depression, and bring you back to a clear and positive state of mind.

Build Resilience

with Mind Mastery

Understanding the nature of the mind gives you a broader perspective on life. This enables you to not get bothered by issues that used to create frustration, impatience, worry and anger.

Make Meditation Easier

with Sudarshan Kriya™

Tried meditation, but still frustrated with your wandering mind? Sudarshan Kriya™, is a simple yet powerful breathing technique that effortlessly draws you into a deep state of meditation.

Relax Deeper

with Guided Yoga & Meditation

Learn easy yoga poses you can incorporate into your daily routine for greater health, clarity, and relaxation. Special guided meditations that gives you a glimpse of the beauty within.

What do you get


A daily 30 minute practice to keep you energized


Access to teachers and practitioners around you


Practical wisdom to live a stressfree and anxietyfree life


A completely new outlook of life filled with joy

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