The biggest fight against drugs has begun

On 18th February 25,000+ students from Chandigarh Unviersity pledged for a Drug Free India with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sanjay Dutt, Badshah, Kapil Sharma and Gurdaas Maan. Over the next two days, 10 million students took the pledge in India’s biggest fight against drugs. Here’s how we kicked off.

What is Drug Free India?

15 years ago, The Art of Living started a fight against drugs across the world. Our holistic interventions have given 25,000+ addicts a second chance to lead normal lives. Now we begin the biggest rebellion against drugs with a pledge for a #DrugFreeIndia. The nationwide movement flagged off in Punjab and Haryana with thousands taking the pledge with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sanjay Dutt, Badshah and Kapil Sharma for a new beginning, a pledge for a #DrugFreeIndia: Na Karenge Na Karne Denge; No drugs - not for me, not for others. A movement, which we are taking to every state in India in the coming months.

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Child drug abuse

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Drugs Na Karenge, Na Karne Denge! Take the pledge and pass it on to someone you care for! Nominate a friend to take the pledge with you!

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Drugs pose the risk of destroying emotional stability, health and relationships of an entire generation. We want to reverse the risk! We want to make it more likely for that college kid to join the gym than to smoke crack, more likely for him to set and pursue meaningful goals rather than worry about where his next hit is coming from.

You can do more!

Local chapters of S.W.A.T (Social Wellness and Awareness Training) Clubs, powered by you and experts from The Art of Living who have worked with thousands of youth, will be the focal point of this rebellion.

Join us! Become a drug-free India warrior today.

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The biggest fight against drugs has begun

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Honorable Prime Minister of
India, Shri Narendra Modi

years of substance abuse


double the usual rate

The Art of Living initiatives

The Art of Living initiatives

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Way Forward

S.W.A.T Clubs

Creating a positive peer culture in educational institutes


For family and teachers, for a stigma-free, supportive environment

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We will pledge for a #drugfreeindia in every state of the country


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