About Conference

The Art of Living is hosting a unique gathering - “Karnataka Educationists’ Conclave for Reforms 2019”, in the presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, at The Art of Living International Centre, Bengaluru on 15th & 16th Feb, 2019.

Over 2 days, more than 500 Educationists representing Universities and Institutions across all districts in Karnataka, will gather at the conclave to share, debate and seek solutions to achieve Reforms in Education, Equity, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Empathy for all.


  • To bring Stakeholders in higher education together.
  • To curate the course of reform in Indian education, with the idea of tailoring the system to fulfil the needs of the coming generations.
  • To create a Charter, which has a more holistic approach towards education.


Conference Framework:

The framework for the conference, that seeks to address the issues of Employability, Good Governance, Positive Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship, will include dialogue on:

  • Ways to create a vibrant, committed and responsible campus community.
  • Creating a system to encourage: start-up, incubation and invention.
  • Enhancing international competitiveness.
  • Foundation for imparting high-level skill training.
  • Developing cohesive partnerships and collaborations among the key stakeholders.


09:30am10:30amInaugural address by Guests
10:30am11:30amSession 1 (Enabling Indian education to be internationally competitive)
11:30am12:00pmTea Break and Networking
12:00pm01:00pmSession 2 Methodologies to inspire the campus to think institutionally
01:00pm02:00pmLunch Break
02:00pm03:00pmOpen Session 3 (Creating a vibrant and Happified Campus life)
03:00pm04:00pm(Way forward to make India the startup hub and knowledge capital of the world)
04:00pm05:30pmYoga asanas, Meditation & Snacks
05:30pm06:30pmCampus Visit
06:30pm08:00pmAn evening of Music & Meditation with Gurudev
09:00pm End of Day 1

About the Venue

Situated on the top of the Panchagiri Hills, 36km southwest of Bangalore, near Udipalya village, The Art of Living International campus is an ideal location forreflection and rejuvenation.

Started in 1986 and spread over 65 acres, the campus has an abundance of flowering the campus has an abundance of flowering foliage spread along winding footpaths, a peaceful lake and the exquisitely beautiful Vishalakshi Mantap , the central meditation hall. We look forward to welcoming you to your own home

About Gurudev

Spiritual & Humanitarian Peace Ambassador

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a globally revered spiritual and humanitarian peace ambassador. His vision of a violence-free,stress-free society through the reawakening of human values has inspired millions of people worldwide to broaden their spheres of responsibility and work towards sustainable peace.

A leading figure in human development and social transformation, Gurudev
 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s multi-faceted initiatives include conflict resolution, disaster relief, interfaith harmony, Education, violence prevention, women empowerment and environmental protection.

His work has touched the lives of millions of people around the world, going beyond the barriers of race, nationality, and religion with the message of a one-world famil one-world family.

Contact and Logistic details

Event Title: Karnataka Educationists' Conclave for Reforms 2019
Dates: 15th & 16th Feb 2019
Venue: Art of Living International Centre, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore
Email Id: office.ka@vvki.org
Phone Number: 9535375027