About the Course

The ART Excel (All Round Training in Excellence) workshop is dedicated to reviving human values among children as well as teaching them stress - management techniques. From peer - pressure, bullying, self - confidence or concentration, children are affected by numerous issues related to growing up that have an effect of how they feel and behave.

Workshop Benefits

  • Improve clarity of mind and focus
  • Deal with their emotions better
  • Eliminate stress
  • improve mental well - being
  • Breakthrough restricting barriers
  • Connect and communicate easily
  • Enhance creativity

For children to grow into balanced, progressive individuals, they need tools to handle their emotions and their mind. Through powerful breathwork, yoga, meditation and interactive games, the workshop equips them with the tools they need, delivered in a light and fun manner.

Course Structure

  • Open to all children between 8 - 12 years old
  • The program can be offered online, in - person nonresidential and residential
  • The duration varies depending on the format