Scientific research shows that Sudarshan Kriya reduces stress and increases wellbeing

Stress indicators - serum cortisol and blood lactate levels decrease.

A well being indicator (serum prolactin) increases.

Start efficient anxiety treatment right now!

Whether its constant worry interfering with your daily life, or the fear of experiencing another panic attack or nightmares that don't let you sleep, simple breathing techniques make for effective anxiety treatment & can help you break away, cut the stress and experience calm.

Sudarshan Kriya, a research backed, powerful technique is one of the solutions for anxiety treatment. It draws you to a deep state of relaxation which is not found even in sleep.

Break free from Anxiety

Whether you are experiencing social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, occasional anxiety or panic attacks, Yogic breathing techniques are just the tools you need to empower yourself





I want to be anxiety free

Sudarshan Kriya taught in The Happiness Program can help!

Designed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living’s Happiness Program has all the essential components required to live an anxiety free life. Deep meditations, pranayama, yoga, and Sudarshan Kriya comprise the program’s module which effectively eliminates stress from the system, relieves anxiety, depression, and restores health and clarity of mind. You also experience: 

Relaxed body 

The practice of Yoga can eliminate physical tension stored in the muscles, and can flush out stress rapidly.

Deep rest

Yogic breathing techniques like the Pranayama

Sustained happiness

Practical tips based on ancient wisdom help and Sudarshan Kriya help the mind achieve 
you sustain a happy and calm state of mind, in deep relaxation 
the face of stressful situations

9 hours is all it takes!

In just a few hours per day over 3 to 6 consecutive days, you will learn the simple and useful practical tools to practice every day at home and keep the anxious thoughts, bodily stress at bay. Once you’ve completed the program, you can attend the weekly follow-ups available at our 10,000+ centers worldwide.


Company reviews

Out of 100+ leading organisations across the globe where the Art of Living programs have been taught, here are a few that shared their experiences of Sudarshan Kriya with us...

“I believe this workshop has been directly contributing to the cherished values of Professionalism, Perseverance and Respect.”

- Dr. M. Otgon,
Regional Fellowships Officer

“Increase in sense of community, confidence and clarity of mind.” 

- Mark Ball,
Sr. Associate, Training 

“Sustained reduction in stress, and consequent increase in productivity.” 

- Sanjay Pradhan,
Director, Public Sector Governance 

“[The Art of living course] has tremendously helped in highly tense situations.” 

- Col. A.M.Muhammed,
Special Police Units

“I have seen fundamental changes in participants be more productive, creative and skilled.”

- Bill Hayden,
Senior Systems Engineer

“In a world facing the challenges of globalisation, Art of Living offers the tools necessary to build a harmonious and

- Raman FG
Vishwanathan, Manager

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