7 Delicious Secrets That Can Help Men Become Better Cooks (Part-3)

This is continued from 7 Delicious Secrets That Can Help Men Become Better Cooks (Part-2)

#6 Choose Your Equipment Wisely

Just like a wise choice of friends adds sweetness to life, a wise choice of equipment will decide how well it appeals to your taste buds (and also how long you live)!! Avoid using aluminum vessels as they pose serious health hazards. The materials best suited to cooking a healthy meal are cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel, and non-stick. Bawa mentions, "Using the right type of vessel can really enhance flavors and make cooking a very enjoyable experience". One of his most favorite vessels is Bomstad, which is manufactured in France. It gives him the liberty to leave food to cook on low flame while he meditates for 20 minutes. The utensil heats the top and bottom of the vessel to equal temperature and gives food a unique and uniform taste. "Isn't it nice that the vessel does all the work and you get all the credit", jokes Bawa.

#7 Spend A Little More Time On Presentation

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How about putting on some music.Just a little change from silence to music can make cooking a fun activity if you feel it is drudgery initially.

Once you are done with cooking, it is smart to spend a few more minutes to garnish what you have prepared with love. Food should appeal to not just your taste buds but also your eyes to make someone fall in love (with the food and the person who made it). It has proved to be a major turn on for women. Aren't you more likely to enjoy a meal if it is more visually appealing while being tasty? "You can even try new ways of presenting food every time you cook the same dish—that's something I do to bring newness to my dishes", shares Tushar Kathuria, Demand Generation Executive at QED Baton and a food buff.

From a Man's Platter:

Cooking for me is meditation. When I come out of it, I am totally refreshed. While cooking takes me to a meditative state, meditation enhances my culinary skills. Patience, intuition, and mindfulness are tools most required in the kitchen, and meditation has helped me sharpen these. A little bit of practice and a little bit of intuition, and you've got it right. I have been cooking for 10 years now, but I never once felt it was monotonous, because I use my creative streak to make it different every time. Meditation makes cooking simple, effortless, creative – Pranav Desai


Cook with love, season with happiness, and serve with an infectious smile.