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  1. Gurudev, I love you very much, but there’s a part of me that is skeptical. I fear it sometimes gets in the way of my loving you, and also bringing more people to the courses. How does one dissolve skepticism?

    Science; if you are a scientist, you can’t be skeptical or cynical. You will be factual. You will have the quest to know; the quest for knowledge is the same in a scientist as well as in a seeker. A skeptic is someone in between, who is not a real sci ...
  2. Skepticism

    Ignorance is being a sceptic and not knowing you are a sceptic. If you think you are a sceptic, you are no longer a sceptic because you have a clue of something beyond. So, in reality, you can never know whether you are a sceptic or not! A skeptic is stuc ...
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