How to deal with blame?

When someone blames you, what do you usually do? You blame them back or you put up a resistance in yourself.

How do you feel when someone blames you? Hurt, unhappy, sad, heavy?

This is all because you are resisting! What you resist, persists.

You get hurt because you resist the blame.

Know that when someone blames you, they take away some negative karma from you. If you understand this, you will only feel happy about it. .

If you resist when someone blames you, you are not allowing them to take away the negative karma. Even if you don’t react outwardly, you may still be resisting inside.

Actually it’s fine to resist outside, but inside don’t resist. You will feel im- mediately lighter. You can feel happy: Oh, good, somebody is blaming me and taking some of my negative karma.

The ignorant person says, “Don’t blame me” because it hurts him. An en- lightened person also says, “Don’t blame me.” Do you know why? Because it might hurt you. You can tell someone not to blame you out of anger or out of compassion.