Art of Living Center


Unwind and relax with yoga and meditation taught in the Art of Living introductory programs that are being held across all corners of the globe, including your city.

Some of the Art of Living introductory programs include:

Sri Sri Yoga

A Yoga class with a difference, Sri Sri Yoga combines different facets of yoga including yoga postures, breathing techniques and yogic knowledge to help you at the physical and emotional planes of existence. Listed below are the details of Sri Sri Yoga classes, Ghaziabad.*

Happiness Program

Learn the techniques to stay happy come what may with the Happiness Program. Details of Art of Living’s flagship program can be found in the list below.*

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program

Go deep within with the help of a mantra in the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation program. Check the list below for Sahaj Samadhi meditation classes in Ghaziabad.*

*Send us an Inquiry if courses of your choice are not listed below.

Other courses offered by Art of Living Ghaziabad are also listed below.