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  1. The Best Form of Donation

    Fri, 27/04/2018
    What is donation? To give people what they need is donation, not what you feel like giving. If you donate clothes to somebody who already has many clothes, it is of no use. Instead, give clothes to people who need clothes. Similarly, giving food to somebo ...
  2. How To Develop Virtues

    Wed, 11/04/2018
    You Are the Source of All Virtues As human beings, we have tremendous qualities and virtues. You don’t have to look for virtues outside – you are the source of all virtues. But in the stress of day-to-day life, these virtues get hidden. A seed has a membr ...
  3. Why It Is Important To Be Generous

    Wed, 13/12/2017
    "Give in such a way that the other does not even feel they have taken. This is generosity, and this is beauty. Click To Tweet Two Internal Tendencies Taking from another Giving to another Which value system we are imbibing in our children is worth noting. ...
  4. 4 Attitudes That Are Good To Have

    Wed, 29/11/2017
    There are four kinds of attitudes that are good to have in life. 1 Friendliness Being friendly, and more so with people who are happy. If you are not friendly with happy people, you will be jealous. This is because you think that your enemy is happy, and ...
  5. Here is Why You Must Not Judge or Blame

    Thu, 23/11/2017
    Recognize Your Tendency to Judge and Blame We all have this tendency – we judge ourselves too much, or we judge others. Either you start blaming yourself, or you blame somebody else. Either you find you are not right, or you find that someone else is not ...
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