200H Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga, a gift of Indian tradition to the world, is a powerful tool for physical and mental well-being. Thanks to its popularity across the world, yoga Institutes in India and abroad today need many certified and accredited yoga teachers.

Here is an opportunity to upgrade your yoga skills and start your yoga career with our 200H Yoga TTP. You may be at any stage of your yoga journey, yet we promise you an altogether different experience. Undiluted yoga knowledge passed on by the lineage of Gurus offers you that extra edge needed for making your presence felt in the ever-evolving yoga world.

What is Hybrid Yoga TTC?

Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training is a revolutionary approach specially designed for busy schedules. It combines online classes with in-person training. This way, you get the best of both worlds without compromising your other commitments.

For the first part of your training journey, begin from the convenience of your home, with our online classes. These sessions provide a comprehensive learning experience that can accommodate your daily schedule.

For the in-person phase, choose a location convenient for you. Whether it’s Nagpur, Vasad, Rishikesh, or Omkareshwar,, the in-person part of the training offers hands-on guidance, completing your training with flexibility and personalised convenience.

Online + In-person | 27 May - 14 July 2024 | ₹48,000/-

The objective of Hybrid Yoga TTC

Flexible learning with Authentic experiences!

Diverse Locations

Choose from various locations for your residential training

Affordable Fees

Access high-quality training with a budget-friendly structure


Learn from the comfort of your home

Ashram Experiences

Immerse yourself in authentic residential training

Sri Sri School of Yoga

Bringing the best of yoga heritage & science

200H Registered Yoga Teacher Certification is recognized by the Yoga Certification Board of the Ministry of AYUSH (Govt.of India), Yoga Alliance and Indian Yoga Association.

Fees Structure

With certification

Indians & SAARC citizens


Rest of the world


* EMI Facility Available

Training Syllabus

Yoga goes beyond physical postures, addressing stress, mental well-being, and life understanding. The Hybrid 200H Yoga Teacher Training Program is like a booster for your personal and professional growth, covering all aspects of yoga. Graduates not only learn yoga techniques for a balanced life but also gain the ability to share this knowledge effectively.

A mix of traditional yoga wisdom and practical scientific methods

Introduction of yoga

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

The yoga paths
Gyan Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga

The Bhagavad Gita

The principles of yoga

Anatomy & Physiology

(Breathing techniques)

(Yoga poses)

Ayurveda & Nutrition

Communication skills

Teaching methodologies

Why Sri Sri School of Yoga

Global Presence: The school operates in 50+ countries.

Graduate Network: Over 15,000 teachers have graduated.

International Recognition: Accredited RYS recognized in 12 countries.

Authentic Teaching: Emphasis on the most genuine form of yoga.

Comprehensive Approach: Only program covering all yoga types - Bhakti yoga (Satsang), Karma yoga (Seva), Jnana yoga (Wisdom),and Raja yoga (Sadhana).

Global Presence: The school operates in 50+ countries.

Faculty Spotlight

Meet the experts!



Ancient teachings passed on by the Gurus in the Vedic and yoga traditions
Integrate a practical and scientific approach into your yoga practice
Techniques of yoga
Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation & Yogic Wisdom
Internationally certified trainers to provide expert guidance
Ideal for modern needs
Deep & personal understanding of yoga
Designed to fit various ages, abilities, cultures, and religions
Get certified by global yoga institutions
Upon completing a special training and receiving permission, you’ll be qualified to teach the flagship programs of the Art of Living | Sri Sri Yoga, namely, Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 and Sri Sri Yoga Level 2

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