How can you focus your
inattentive mind

Dr. Prema Seshadri, Psychologist & Senior International Faculty, Sahaj Samadhi Dhyan Yoga guides us and helps us with answers on how to focus our inattentive mind.

How can you focus an inattentive mind

Q. What do you focus on effortlessly?

Dr. Prema elaborated that people focus effortlessly in different ways. 

On instructions - Your focus on instructions may come with some effort. You need to put in that effort if things are boring or not in your comfort zone. When instructions are related to your interests, then you listen to them effortlessly.

Things I like - When anything you feel is important or that which you like to do, your mind is spontaneously there and you can focus effortlessly.

Difficult things - If any difficulty is taken as an adventure or a challenge, then you focus on it effortlessly and enthusiastically. If any difficulty appears frightening or disinteresting, then you either avoid it or your focus while doing is not complete.

Things I dislike - Suppose you don't like something but still have to focus, then your breath comes to your rescue. Breath can help the mind focus. People have benefited from focus meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, which helps improve focus. It helps pause your thoughts and focus on things you want.


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Q. Can you forcefully focus?

Dr. Prema points out that people who forcefully focus might only bring stress. For focus to happen naturally, you have to become deeply involved. Normally, you can’t forcefully focus, but you can improve your focus with meditation.

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Q. When can you improve your focus?

Based on Dr. Prema’s consultation experiences, she shares that people believe they can improve their focus anytime, sometimes, or never. She suggests them accordingly. 

Anytime - You should improve your focus on the small things in life. For instance, when you have your bowl of favorite pasta, why do you check messages on your phone? Looking at the phone is a distraction while enjoying your pasta bites. Being physically and emotionally in the ‘now’ will train your mind to overcome the inattentive state of mind.

Sometimes - You can focus on the small things of life every day.

Never - Of course. You can surely improve focus with the consistent practice of yoga and meditation.


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Q. My focus is better when exams are around the corner. Is it fine?

Focus in Exam

Dr. Prema emphasizes that, to some extent, your focus increases because of fear of failing exams. But, this fear doesn’t help to blossom your full potential.

Q. During high pressure, I lose my focus. Am I on the right track? 

“When you sweat a lot in times of peace, you bleed less in times of war.” Dr. Prema suggests that you can be better attentive during high-pressure situations only if you can focus under normal conditions. When your concentration on small routine things becomes a habit, you will not lose focus under high pressure.

Q. Can the want for achievement increase your focus?

Dr. Prema conforms to the idea that the want for achievement increases your focus. For people who deny it, she gave an example, “You don't like to practice yoga asanas, but the attraction to getting a certificate for performing 108 Sun Salutations will propel your focus in performing flawlessly.”

Q. Will fear push-up or pull-down focus?

Fear pushes up or pulls down focus

Dr. Prema agrees that fear pushes-up focus. Fear automatically brings focus along with it. For example, the fear of failing exams will help you focus better on your studies.

Q. Does dispassion help you focus your inattentive mind?

Dr. Prema explains that when dispassion dawns in you, you don't get stuck in the mundanes of life, and your focus naturally improves. She advocates widening your awareness to see that everything will disappear and death is always imminent. We are all going to die one day and everything is ever-changing. When this knowledge comes, then dispassion is spontaneous. See life from a broader perspective, then automatically, dispassion comes within you. With little effort, it will happen. 

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom talks

Written by: Pratibha Sharma

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