What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Roll over and go right back to sleep? Reach for that cup of coffee? Immediately labor on a to-do list? Why not try something different? Something that will kick-start your day with clarity and enthusiasm. Charge up your energy levels and help you stay on top of whatever the day aims at you.

Meditate first thing in the morning

Even if you wake up all tired and groggy, just twenty minutes of meditation first thing in the morning will make you spring to life. Morning meditation will set the tone for the day. Keeping you focused, optimistic and at peace. Your perspective will become broad and balanced. Stress will be held at bay. You will also find yourself opting for healthier food choices. Shrugging off the previous day’s tensions. And sleeping soundly at night.

Developing a morning meditation practice can alter your life in the most positive way. It may, however, take a little effort to establish.

Overcoming Challenges to Morning Meditation

Try and reserve a place in your home only for meditation. Make this your go-to place, your little sanctuary, your haven. Make a pact with yourself. Say that you will return here every morning, come what may. It may take a little time and patience to build your practice. Do this continuously for, let’s say, 40 days. And consider the following tips to help you persevere.

Early to bed, early to rise

Try and get to bed early so that you get an average of six to eight hours sleep. While sleeping too much can get in the way of morning meditation, so can sleeping too little. If you meditate regularly, meditation helps in improving sleep quality also.

Beat the morning blues

If you are plagued by the morning blues, you may view meditation as another chore. You may think about meditation as one more thing to do rather than something to benefit from. However, morning meditation is a perfect antidote for the morning blues. Just let go of your resistance and focus on all the mind-boggling ways meditation can benefit you.

Master the morning routine

Mornings can be an extremely busy time for most people. Getting ready for work, getting the family ready for the day – it seems really daunting to add meditation to an already long routine list. In reality, meditation can help you get through your busy morning. Beginning your day in a calm, relaxed state can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time.

Silence the noise

Although it would be ideal to meditate in a quiet place, it may not always be possible to do so. Most of us lead hectic lives in crowded places. To meditate in a busy environment, ignore the noise around you. Do not resist the noise, accept it instead. Then return to your breath, breathing slowly and deeply.

Sometimes the noise may be internal, not external. You may be sitting in a quiet place, but the thoughts racing around in your head may be distracting you. Again, don’t get annoyed with yourself, don’t resist your thoughts. Just observe them, then return to your breath and focus on it. Following some basic meditation tips for beginners will help to improve your practice.

It also helps to have a mantra while meditating. If you’d like to have your own personal mantra to meditate upon, do explore the Art of Living organization’s Sahaj Samadhi program.

Natural sunlight works

It has been scientifically proven that the body responds to and benefits from natural sunlight in more ways than one. See if it is possible for you to expose yourself to a little natural sunlight when you meditate.

Just a few moments when you first wake up can set a positive direction for your day. Regular morning meditation can help you wake up on the bright side, look on the bright side and stay on the bright side too. Meditate when you wake up and you will know what it’s truly like to seize the day.