Yoga classes at the Art of living

so much more than just a flexible and healthy body

Our classes comprise not only of fitness and yoga postures, they include unique breathing techniques - like Sudarshan Kriya, as well as meditation that lead to a stress-free, healthy and happy life.

Ancient knowledge applied today
Discover simple yet profound guidelines to understanding and handling life as it is. Turn your problems into challenges you can easily tackle.

Daily wellness at home
Take home a more relaxed, healthier and happier You with easy-to-use tools that maintain wellness for as long as lifelong.

Back to our natural rhythm
Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique taught in the classes serves as a powerful tool for harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

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"I feel more strong inside, more happy and calm."
Fil Dunsky, Freelance illustrator

"I handle situations.. situations don't handle me!"
Aastha Kansal, Designer

"I used to exist, now I live life."
Sandhya Raveendra, CEO

Out of 100+ leading organisations across the globe where the Art of Living programs have been taught, here are a few that shared their experiences of Sudarshan Kriya with us…

“I believe this workshop has been directly contributing to the cherished values of Professionalism, Perseverence and Respect.”
- Dr. M. Otgon, Regional Fellowships Officer

“Increase in sense of community, confidence and clarity of mind.”
- Mark Ball, Sr. Associate, Training

“Sustained reduction in stress, and consequent increase in productivity.”
- Sanjay Pradhan, Director,
Public Sector Governance

“[The Art of living course] has tremendously helped in highly tense situations.”
- Col. A.M.Muhammed,
Special Police Units

“I have seen fundamental changes in participants functioning…to be more productive, creative and skilled.”
- Bill Hayden, Senior Systems Engineer

“In a world facing the challenges of globalisation, Art of Living offers the tools necessary to build a harmonious and productive environment.”
- Raman FG Vishwanathan, Manager

Program format

Classes are spread out in 3 to 6 day formats (3-4 hours per session). After program completion, weekly follow-ups are available at your convenience in our 3000+ centers worldwide with 12,000+ qualified Art of Living instructors globally.

About us

The Art of Living Foundation is an educational and humanitarian non-governmental organisation engaged in stress management and service initiatives. Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living has touched the lives of 370 million people spanning 5 continents across 152 countries.