Sri Sri Yoga Level 1


“Joga reiškia būti be liūdesio ir išvengti
liūdesio, kuris gali kilti ateityje.”

– Gurudev Šri Šri Ravi Šankaras


Patirk kūno, kvėpavimo ir proto susijungimą, džiaugsmingai atlikdamas jogos padėtis Šri Šri jogos 1 lygyje. Meditacijos ir kitos atsipalaidavimo technikos padeda tau giliai atsipalaiduoti, įgyti energijos ir išgyti. Ar tu esi jogos pradedantysis ar net praktikuoji reguliariai, kiekvienas ras ką nors sau Šri Šri jogos 1 lygyje.

Ko tikėtis Šri Šri jogos 1 lygyje?

Sukurtame Šri Šri Ravi Šankaro, šiame 10 valandų Šri Šri jogos kurse yra:


Lengvų apšilimų, švelnių pasitempimų ir stiprai juntamų jogos padėčių derinys pilnai kūno mankštai. Kaip jogos pozos tau padeda?

  • Patempia, suderina ir sustiprina kūno raumenis

  • Padeda numesti svorio

  • Išvalo sistemą nuo toksinų ir padeda gydyti negalavimus

Pranayamas (breathing techniques) that help calm the mind and are a powerful technique for relaxation.
Why breathing techniques are good for you?

  • Increase oxygen supply to the heart and blood

  • Excellent purifier for the entire system

  • Release the stress accumulated in the body and mind


Guided meditations that lead you to a state of deep relaxation.
Meditation is like a pampering spa treatment. Why?

  • Heals several body ailments naturally

  • Reduces anxiety and develops emotional stability

  • Increases intuitive ability

  • Improves concentration

  • Brings clarity and peace of mind

Simple tips that can be easily integrated into day-to-day living: Learn how yoga helps to deal with daily stresses, improve relationships with people around you and enhance the skill in handling a situation better with an everlasting smile.

Understanding of healthy living through Ayurveda. Identify your unique body type and follow a balanced natural diet that complements it.

What’s more – you can even consult a Sri Sri Yoga teacher during the course to chalk out a personal yoga plan to specifically work towards your needs.


What Sri Sri Yoga Course participants say?

I felt so energized and refreshed after my first Sri Sri Yoga
Level 1 Course. In fact, today if I miss practicing yoga in the
morning, my body keeps telling me it is missing something!
– Mukta Behere, Content Writer

My back pain disappeared! I feel stronger and more peaceful.
– Neeraj, MD Gastroenterology

I feel blissful and forgot my work tensions. I’m smiling again.
– Konark, Project Lead, BCG

I am not scared to do yoga anymore!
– Cathleen, Interior Designer

Each and every state must organize such a wonderful
course so that they need not build hospitals.


Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 course format

Join Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 in your neighborhood or treat yourself to a yoga retreat while staying in one of our beautiful, scenic Art of Living centers.

  • In your neighborhood, the Sri Sri Yoga Level 1 Course is offered as a five-day workshop, either consecutive or weekly, for two hours each day.

  • For the residential course at Art of Living centers, one can take a yoga holiday on any weekend in a peaceful and serene environment.

  • For the non-residential course at Art of Living centers, five sessions are spread over two weekends (Sat-Sun-Fri-Sat-Sun) for two hours each day.

The course format may vary from place to place; please check with a center near you.

Eligible age to join the course: 14+ years