7 Meditation Mantras for Youth: Sit Still, Move Mountains

All the adventures in a person’s life are normally concentrated in the few years between 16 and about 25.It is imperative that we learn to ride the storms and scale the heights. Choices are made, words are spoken, actions are taken faster than the speed of thought and it is vital that we get it right the first time. Our friends are our closest circle of influence and the biggest source of our joy. In such a phase of life, meditation can be our strongest ally.

#1 Become Mr/Ms Congeniality

“I used to be very aggressive and violent, would often get into fights in college. I had no friends. I had no idea how to help myself. Meditation made me calm. Now have a lot of friends I care about and I am not violent anymore.”- Rajesh Nair

By nature, everyone is friendly. If we are unfriendly, it is because of stress and tension.Meditation helps reduce stress and helps usblossom to our fullest potential. Making friends and keeping them becomes easier. Caring for others becomes our second nature.

#2 Make Your Dreams Come True

“I wanted to be a singer; I had high ambitions but would always doubt my abilities. With regular practice of meditation I got the confidence that I can do it. Today I am in a music band which performs almost every week.”- Sajal Jaju

As youngsters, we want to touch the sky with our dreams and ambitions. Meditation provides us the strength and confidence to believe and nurture these dreams into a reality.

#3Think Out of the Box

“With daily practice of meditation, I discover new talents in me. I have been able to tap the field of creativity in me and think out of the box. Meditation adds an X Factor to whatever I do now.”- Divya Sachdev

When we go to a mobile mart, we tend to pick the most happening model because it outshines the other common models. Whenwe meditate, creativity dawns and we are able to think anew, think different and carve a niche for ourselves effortlessly.

#4 Nothing Can Shake You

“Earlier I would get bothered by other’s behavior and with unpleasant situations that would arise in my life but after meditating regularly I find it easy to accept whatever comes my way.”- Karan Roy

As youth, weareoften bothered by the unpleasant situations that arise in our lives. These problems even seem to tear us apart at times. Meditation brings inner strength and a sense of acceptance which helps deal with tough situations with a calm mind. It also brings a greater sense of responsibility and helps us to evolve as a better individual. We cannot control the rain, but we can move ahead with greater confidence when we have an umbrella with us. Meditation is like the umbrella during troubled times.

#5 Go High on Meditation

“I was a chain smoker since seven years. A friend suggested that I learn meditation. After regular practice of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation I have been able to give up smoking completely. After my daily meditation, I feel the same high as I used to feel after smoking.”- Arjit Singh

Meditation helps quit and reduce smoking by acting as a permanent substitute. Meditation is a natural way of feeling a high, without losing awareness or health. Meditation simply frees the mind from any craving or urge to smoke or drink and any other addictive habits. So stop smoking and start living!

#6 Channelize Your Energy

“Since I have started practicing meditation, I feel more enthusiastic and energetic during the day. I am able to more creative things and also some service activities.”- Sakshi Verma

As youth, we are an ocean of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. Meditation helps us explore the depths of our own potential. We become more innovative and dynamic and are able to channelize our energy in doing creative and positive things.

#7 Make Peace with Parents

“Meditation has helped me build an inseparable bond with my parents. Now we all share our happiness and problems with each other. Meditating together makes our relationship even more special.”- Abhishek Dawar

When we meditate, we are able to communicate peacefully and skillfully with our parents. This reduces the communication gap between us. Meditation also helps us become more aware and skillful in making the choices that strike a balance between our own desires and our parent’s advises.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Based on inputs from Shreya Chugh and Rajendra Singh. Shreya and Rajendra are the faculties of The Art of Living youth workshops across the world and have brought transformation to the lives of thousands of youth by teaching them how to meditate.