I Meditate Africa : Spirit
of Volunteerism

“We come to realize that the true measure of our lives is not how much we have gained for ourselves, but how much we have given." – Gurudev. 

This is most likely the reason to why in this fast paced word, despite busy schdules, more and more young and old people are looking for ways to volunteer & contribute to society. They are concerned about what’s going on in their community, city and country and aspire to make a difference whilst strengthening their spirit of service.

It’s true that we learn important lessons in life only when we do something that is out of our routine existence, even if it is for a short duration. Every volunteering act of service can have a momentous impact on someone…and when millions of individual volunteers come together to work for a cause, they create a revolution of sorts. 

Volunteering for I Meditate Africa

One such initative by volunteers that transformed the lives of thousands has been ‘I Meditate Africa’ (IMA). The IMA is a simple campaign promoting peace in Africa by encouraging the use of meditation as a mainstream peace building block. As we all know, collective meditation has a much deeper impact in the environment and cosmos. And when we look at what’s happening across the African continent in terms of violence, unrest, terrorism, bomb blasts, social fragmentation, the need to focus on getting more people to meditate and experience peace is only heightened.

Very often, the common man is unable to serve his country from a political level. Global yet subtle initiatives such as IMA, gives them a platform to spread peace and make a positive difference.

Last year 10 000 people were inspired from 23 African countries to meditate for peace for Africa, making it the largest peace meditation on the continent, for the continent, led by a voice of Peace and Human Values, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 


The credit for the success of this campaign goes to the dedicated team of volunteers who have been so willing and eager to be a part of the campaign, in whatever way they can, big or small, and pulling together as one African team in achieving something bigger.

And the efforts of all the volunteers have brought results - In light of the xenophobic attacks that have been rife in South Africa in 2015, IMA’s Peace Campaign has been widely received and appreciated. Communities are more receptive and open minded. Churches, schools and various institutions have embraced the IMA Campaign with Peace/Xenophobia marches being done around the country.

Join us for I Meditate Africa

It is said that the world has always been changed for the better by a handful of committed people. Here is your chance to be a part of that special group of committed people. Join us for I Meditate Africa 2015

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