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A healthy body and a stress-free mind. The birth-right of every human being.

For more than 30 years, volunteers from The Art of Living Foundations have been dedicated to humanitarian activities worldwide: with a presence in all continents of our world, all segments of society. We provide service projects directly to individuals; we act as advisor-consultant to society leaders, governments, NGOs. We aim to help – and empower wisely with a vision for long-term sustenance.

The Art of Living's founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is personally engaged in several large-scale peace missions. Inspired by his message of peace, love and the vision of a violence-free and stress-free society, volunteers all over the globe have taken the commitment to contribute and play their part in making this vision a reality.

Art of Living Service Projects cover all the areas given in the Millennium development goals to which we have contributed significantly.

Our programs in brief:

Community building – 5H Program

Training thousands of youth (through the Youth Leadership Training Program) to implement the 5H program in underprivileged areas so families can have access to:
  • clean drinking water
  • homes to live in
  • hygiene
  • healthcare &
  • supporting the development of human values

By nurturing values like love, compassion, tolerance, caring and sharing - material support and development becomes sustainable.

Providing homes for the underprivilegedFree healthcare services for people at the grassrootsSmiles all around after a house was handed over in Karnataka, India

Conflict resolution – Peace by Peace

Visiting over 40 countries a year for peace mediation and advocating intercultural dialogue, Gurudev has brought opposing parties to the negotiating table in areas of conflict such as Iraq, Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Ivory Coast and the Indian states of Kashmir and Bihar.

With a vision of 'inner peace to outer peace', trauma relief programs have been carried out in conflict-afflicted regions. We believe that when the individual is peaceful, communities & societies become peaceful.
Amidst bombings in Sderot (Israle), children paint afte a trauma relief courseBringing together people from diverse backgrounds 

Environmental Care – Nurturing the globe

Driving environmental sustainability, The Art of Living has contributed significantly to Millennium Goal No. 7. The Art of Living has brought organic farming to remote villages and planting millions of trees.
Creating awareness about nurturing the environmentCreating awareness about nurturing the environmentGoing green with widespread tree plantations

Education – Gift a Smile

Giving children, who are currently trapped in child labor and poverty, access to free education and a better future. Getting them back to school. First generation education in developing communities, where no-one in the family has had an education, are the most effective ways to uplift communities. When you educate the first generation you can affect a social sea change.
Special focus on education for the girl childCreating first generation learners in rural-tribal areas 

Prison Smart – Social rehabilitation

Supporting the social rehabilitation of even those most ostracized from society like prisoners and former terrorists, juvenile offenders. Conducting free workshops for prison inmates around the world, providing genuine rehabilitation and breaking the cycle of violence, prison and reoffending.
Offering rehabilitative care through special programsBringing smiles and freedom from the pastSpecial programs for prison staff

Disaster relief – Rebuilding lives

Art of Living Service Projects not only rebuild homes (see 5H program above), they rebuild lives. If you lose your family in a natural disaster, rebuilding your house is not enough to bring back the will to live. Our trauma care programs address this situation, by providing immediate relief and long term rehabilitation for those hit by natural or manmade disasters.
Releif operations after an earthquake in PakistanReaching aid to flood victims in Bihar, IndiaA trauma relief workshop after the tsunami in Tamil Nadu

Women empowerment – Strengthening society's backbone

Empowering women in rural and other areas to achieve economic independence. The Art of Living's approach is to empower women now, seeing them as natural leaders of social change.
Skill building and income generation at a workshop in Bangalore, IndiaSkills such as tailoring have made many women breadwinnersCreativity, a sense of purpose and confidence

About The Art of Living

Founded in 1981 by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO engaged in stress-management and service projects. In designing its programs, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has adapted the wisdom of Yoga and Meditation for today's world. Today, the organization has a presence in 152 countries. Our members and volunteers come from all cultural backgrounds and traditions and are united by our commitment to making life a celebration. It is not enough for service projects to make life survivable. Our goal is to make life a celebration for all.