5 ways to survive a job loss

Are these thoughts clouding your mind every day after a job loss?

Let this moment be a time for change...

Atime to change the way you feel…

A time to drop the past and move on…

A time to stop self-blame and be strong

To achieve what you have set out for…

A time to Meditate….

  • “This is the end of the world for me!”
  • “I want to shut myself from this cruel world!”
  • “I am good for nothing!”
  • “So many commitments, how will I manage?”

“I am almost 30 and out of a job! I am not settled yet… What about my CV? It will show a gap period when I will go for inter-views! It is getting on my nerves, how do I handle all this?”

You might have been feeling this way. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But ask yourself, for how long do you want to feel that way? Forever?! Or do you want to put an end to it?

The world is not your enemy. And there are many ways to get you out of this. One of the most effectiveways is regular practice of meditation.

Regular practice of meditation will help you a lot in dealing with your emotions. Not only will it rid you of your emotional baggage, but it will also make you feel stronger than ever to gear up to the challenge life has thrown at you.Every session of meditation will make you feel calmer.

So why wait? Let YOUR experience speak to you more that our words. Take your first session of meditation now and see the change for yourself.

Fight the fear out of you with some more tips:

1. Use this time for reflection

The silver lining of your cloud of disappointments is that some-body has pushed your pause button for good. Now use this time to reflect, not regret. What were those few things that have brought you here? Can you rectify your mistakes? If "yes", don’t wait tochange what you can! If your answer is "no", there is no point regretting. It is time to move on with courage.

With meditation, you will create an atmosphere of positivity around and inside yourself. It will help dispel negative thoughts easily, even if they disturb you once in a while!

2. Communicate with your family and close friends about your problem

Have your people been over-reactive or silent about your loss? In either case, it willbe a nice idea to have a heart-to-heart conversa-tion with them to chalk out what needs to be done next. There might be conflict in opinions, but pull it through peacefully. You’ll be glad you talked to them. They are the only ones you can fall back on during trying times.

If you are meditating regularly, you’ll find talking to your people easier, as you accept the fact that they are an indispensable part of your life. This acceptance towards people and situations in-creases with meditation.

3. List down all possibilities that you can pursue

You don’t know your capacity and capabilities. You can achieve much more than you could have thought of. All you need is alignment of your ideas, focus and energy. See this happening after regular meditation!!

Come on! Get out of your pensive mood, pick up a pen and pa-per, and start scribbling a plan of action that comes to your mind, like scheduling interviews, posting your resume on job portals, networking with resourceful people, a change in our job profile, learning a new skill,opening up your own business, and so on.

Is your mind holding you back? Trust us; don’t listen to your mind this time. You’ve got to change the way things are, and that change has to come from you. A few days later, you’ll be glad you did this. Sometimes, ideas and plans need to be put in black and white to make them see the light of day.

To make this task easier, we offer you the gift of meditation. Meditation will help you open up to a boulevard of ideas. Regular meditation is a great habit to cultivate.

4. Taking up some interesting activities will help you feel better

Sometimes, the things we pursue as pastime can be the key to unlocking what the future has in store for us!

Discover your untapped potential with your practice of meditation.

Aren’t there a few things that come naturally when you are very upset?

  • If you are a guitarist, you might want to play the guitar
  • If you are a singer, you might want to sing and compose a song that speaks your heart's plight
  • If you are a painter, you might want to paint a panorama of your emotions

In any case, you must do something that you like the most, even if you think you don’t do it well. Just do it!

Meditate and see that hesitation go away. Life is to be enjoyed. Daily practice of meditation will help you realize that bad times keep coming and going. We shouldn’t get attached to such events and should keep moving on.

5. Everything happens for a good reason

When things don’t seem to be going right, we want some reassurance to keep going. The best reassurance can come from the strength within.

And that strength and confidence comes with meditation..

Have you heard this phrase way too often? It might sound trite, but it's a truth you can’t avoid. Rollback time a bit and see. Hasn’t something bad happened to you only to give way to something positive? And the most positive thing is your learning from all this. Sometimes, we need to keep saying to ourselves, "Everything happens for a reason… And something much better is in store for me in future"!

It is so important that we maintain our cool during such trying times. Start your day with meditation. It keeps you calm and gives you the strength to face the hardships through the day. So, while you are searching for jobs or taking interviews, you are managing everything so comfortably.

Meditation His Sigh of Relief

Things were going very smooth for Satyendra Nath Pandey, until one day in the September of 2012, when the company decided to shut down its Manufacturing Operations in India. For the head of the de-partment, it meant "You are fired!" He felt as if the wind was knocked out of him. For anybody else, it would have meant the end of his ca-reer, but what was his response? "It is okay, this too shall pass".

He recalls, "My regular practice of meditation helped me face this stark reality. I had a home loan to repay and many other commit-ments. But I didn’t lose hope. I told myself, I am not going to give in, and meditation made this belief stronger. It helped me through the roughest patch of my life and made my journey smoother. Two months later, I found myself a new and better job".

What was it that he found in meditation?

Will you wait for good things to happen to feel better or want to feel it now? If you want to feel it now, meditate! It will give you the hope to keep moving ahead come what may!

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Author: Ravisha Kathuria

Ravisha Kathuria, a passionate writer, has just begun dabbling in the world of words. Through her articles, she conveys the beauty of the ancient knowledge of meditation in its simplest form that are easy takeaways for the readers.

Author has written this article based on meditation inputs by Bharathy Harish, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Teacher