5 Ways to Overcome Problems

Tue, 13/06/2017 Bangalore, India

"Know that there is a higher power that will hold your hand throughout your journey of life, and you will overcome all the problems and be successful."

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Once a wise man drew a line on a board and told his student to make the line shorter without touching or erasing it. How would you do it? You have to shorten a line without touching it.

The intelligent one (referring to a student) then drew a much longer line underneath that line. So, the line automatically became shorter. The lesson here is -- if your difficulties appear to be very big, lift your eyes because you are only focused on yourself. If you lift your eyes up and look at those who are in a worse condition than you, you will suddenly feel that your burden is not as bad as you thought it was.

If you are going through a problem in your life, here are 5 perspectives that can help you keep a victorious attitude through the storm:

#1 Look at those with bigger problems

The first secret to overcoming problems is to look at the bigger problems that other people are facing, then your problems will appear smaller. The moment your problems appear smaller, you will get the energy and confidence to deal with it or even solve it. In simple words, serve those who are in greater need.

#2 Know that this too shall pass

Second, know that this to shall pass.
Look at how many problems you have had in the past -- how they all came and have gone. Know that even this will go, and you have the energy and power within you to overcome it. You will get confidence by understanding and looking at your own past.

#3 Meditate

Do some breathing exercise and meditate. Meditation makes you sharper, happier and intuitive. It makes you feel so alive in the present moment and disconnects you from all that has happened in the past.

#4 Surrender

Do you know, in anger, we say, "I give up". Without frustration or anger say, I give this problem up, and I cannot solve it, let the Divine help me. And know that you will always be helped. Have the confidence that a power in the universe is going to help you.

#5 Keep smiling through it all

There is nothing great in smiling when everything is normal, and when everything is going the way you want. But if you awaken the valor inside of you, and say, "Come what may, I am going to keep smiling", you will notice tremendous energy rising from within you. Then the problem appears to be like nothing; it just comes and disappears.


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