Serene and silent, ancient and mystic

The Art of Living Mysuru ashram is at the foothills of the Chamundi hills. Ancient, mystic and peaceful. Come here for a spiritual retreat and dive deep into peace. 

The ashram is also the primary center of Mysuru, also called the Temple of Knowledge (ToK)

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Week long silence retreat

21 - 22 Dec
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Graduate Programms

Silence Retreat with Sri Sri

11 - 14 Dec
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Graduate Programs

Guru Puja Phase One

1 - 5 Jan
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At the beautiful spiritual center

Many old time visitors from Bangalore say it's like what International Ashram was 20 years ago.

Serene and silent, green and pleasant, that's Mysuru TOK or Mysuru AOL Ashram is. People coming here don't want to go back soon. Why not get your group for a retreat or a course to Mysuru TOK and enjoy sight-seeing / trip around Mysuru. There are lot of direct trains to Mysuru from all over the country.

Facilities at The Art of Living ashram


A range of self-development programs that include yoga, meditation and special processes.


Hike up the Chamundi hills, visit the temple and sign up for some tours around the city.


Comfortable, well-lit rooms available.


Car hires, shuttle services, sightseeing tours and food is easily available.   

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Seva means to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return. It means to do without the desire of any reward in return. You should do whatever you can do, whether it is by contributing your time, or by donating your money, or just by speaking about positive things. You should do seva in whatever way you can. But it does not mean that you do seva by putting your family members in trouble, or making them uncomfortable and going against their wishes. You should balance both intelligently. Do your Seva and also manage your family well.