ART Excel kurs Sep 20-23, 2018
Sep 20-23, 2018
Rosten Grendahuset Rostengrenda 251,
Tiller, Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway, 7091
Regular: kr1,600.00
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Mona Dahl, 47178217,
Mona Dahl, 47178217,
Course Id: A00018


All Round Training in Excellence (Ages 8-12)

The ART Excel course supports the overall well-being of children by teaching them a variety of empowering techniques that foster peace of mind, mental clarity and focus, physical relaxation and emotional stability.

This course is taught through games and activities where students learn valuable lessons in sharing with others, working and playing in harmony and developing a sense of belonging with others.

Children become more self-expressive, comfortable and natural with diverse groups of people. Activities such as making a new friend each day and random acts of kindness help students to become aware of the needs of others and encourage the integration of human values into their daily lives

In order to be successful in life children need academic skills as well as life skills.

ART Excel students learn:

  • The Six Golden Keys to Success
  • Yoga and breathing processes which help eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Children learn to deal with negative emotions
  • Techniques that enhance focus and concentration hence improves memory
  • Simple meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Skills in friendship, leadership and teamwork.

Kurstidene er:

torsdag 20/9 kl. 17 - 19:30 

fredag 21/9 kl. 17 - 19:30

lørdag 22/9 kl. 9-14

søndag 23/9 kl. 9-15