Bal Chetna Shibhir


Bal Chetna Shibir is a dynamic program for the less privileged children of society that aims to empower children and help them rise to their full potential, by way of interactive games, group discussions, creative assignments and stress elimination techniques like breathing, pranayam and meditation. At the end of the program,children are fully equipped with tools that help them deal with situations, break their personal barriers and inspires them ready to take on the everyday challenges life with a renewed sense of confidence.



Bal Chetana Shibir in Manigram,Lumbini Zone 

The rural society of Nepal is also progressing day by day but still the children are deprived with several things. After the TTC , Ms Anupama Nepal who is also a Art Excel, YES!, YES!+ teacher , thought of cheering these children and also havinga Special Bal Chtena Shibhir for them . Anupama who shares that though she was uncomfortable with children earlier, after being a teacher she has found a drastic change in her. Now, Childrens are like around here nad she loves to be with them . Sharing her experience, "Guruji knows everything, that's why he wanted me to be with children :). I was not so comfortable with kids. Now after conducting Bal Chetna Shibhir i enjoyed a lot with childrens.Oh! Guruji playing with them was so wonderful.They created such wonderful things like one drawing a picture with house and grains,  one made two hill of mud covered with green small plants. They were amazing"

During these 5 days shibhir, children participated in seva activities on their own, joined the satsangs and had learnt a lot from interactive games and processes directed at inculcating and creating awareness about the basic human values which would encourage them to be a better social being. Children have also started making change in the community itself . The process of change has begun!

The Bal Chetana Shibir would certainly help the children in future, to be responsible citizens and successful individuals. Imagine the extent to which these children can contribute to building a better Nepal! The right direction given at a younger age and empowerment of values provided through the innovative ways of Bal Chetna Shibir helps in this process. 

Bal Chetana Shiwir at SOS, Pokhara, Nepal by Bhawesh Khanal