Experience waves of happiness like never before

  • All actions we undertake in our lives are to make us happy, isn't it?

  • Unfortunately, we do not always easily achieve what we want...

  • The Happiness Program will take you to the point where you effortlessly reconnect to the one inexhaustible source of joy – You.

The key to happiness is under your nose

Discover the secrets of breath

Ask any Art of Living teacher how one acquires an unshakeable smile and you will get the simplest yet most profound knowledge: by using the breath. Is it really as easy as that? Let's discover!

Have you ever noticed breathing patterns change according to the feelings you are having? When you are angry, which rhythm does your breath assume? A series of shallow and short breathes. What about when you are relaxed and joyful? You take long, deep breathes. The obvious conclusion is that the breath is influenced by how we feel, but can our negative emotions be transformed by using the breath? Certainly.

Restore life's natural rhythm of happiness with SudarshanKriya

Did you know?

Most body toxins are released
through the breath. After
having released a substantial
amount of emotional and
physical stress your entire
perception on life can be

I want to know more

Ancient knowledge in contemporary application

The central - piece of the Art of living Happiness program is a unique and profound breathing technique. A practical tool that restores body, mind and spirit into its natural rhythm of being, the SudarshanKriya has positively transformed millions and millions of lives. Its uniqueness is not only in its performance, but also in its formation as His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emerged with the SudarshanKriya after a ten - day silence period.

Along with SudarshanKriya, other powerful breathing techniques, yoga and meditation taught in the interactive sessions of the Happiness Program is all that you need for an experience of happiness like never before.

Take the plunge

Experience the Happiness Program

Without dipping into water can you truly know how it feels to have a swim? Our certified teachers will smoothly guide you through the experience of the Happiness Program, taking you by the hand every step of the way.

Everyone can have the subtle experience the Program offers regardless of age, background, physical readiness - basically, if you are human you are eligible.

A few hours for the duration of the Happiness program you effortlessly sponge up whatever is offered in the course (all the techniques, processes, practical tools). You go home as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable, happier person with easy-to-use tools you can use to maintain these benefits for life.


“Teachings of Art of Living including breathing exercise and Sudarshan Kriya (rhythmic breathing technique) help us remain healthy as well as reduce our stress which is the key to making quality decisions for banking professionals like me.”

Upendra Poudyal, CEO NMB Bank Limited


The Art of Living course is an express inward journey to our spiritual path.

Sarita Pradhan, Executive Director, Dhulikhel Mountain Resort


“It was my first experience of an Art of Living course though I have been watching discourses of Guruji for couple of years. It was a unique feeling. Most importantly, the QUIETNESS from within after “SUDARSHAN KRIYA” (rhythmic breathing technique) was a real achievement besides physical freshness.”

DIG Surendra B. Shah, Chief of Counter-Terrorism, Police HQ


“The Art of Living turned out to be one of the best things that I have been involved with. I am really blessed to have taken this course which has brought me prosperity, inner happiness and peace. I want everyone to go experience this course.”

Paras Khadka, Captain of National Cricket Team


“A unique sense of fulfillment and stability of mind is noted as the Pranayama, Kriyas and Meditation techniques are learned and routinely practiced. I am ever indebted to the kind grace and blessings of Guruji along with our teacher and members of the Kathmandu Chapter.”

Tara Bahadur Thapa, Maj.Gen. (retd)


“ENLIGHTENMENT is the very core of our being; going into the core of our self and living our life from there. We all came into this world gifted with innocence, but gradually, as we became more intelligent, we lost our innocence. We lived in our hearts, and as time passed, we moved into our heads. Now the reversal of this journey starts from The Art of Living!”

Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director Chaudhary Group


“Especially Sudarshan Kriya (rhythmic breathing technique)is very nice and you end up fully energized and with complete freshness. It has helped me in my own clinical practice. More and more medical practitioners should understand and accept the benefits of Art of Living and start recommending / prescribing it!”

Dr Bharat Rawat, Chief Of Cardiology Norvic Int. Hospital



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