Srinivas Uppaluri's Success Mantra in Boardroom and Golf Course

Srinivas Uppaluri, Management Consultant, Bangalore

Once upon a time I used to wake up, have a cup of tea or coffee and go off for a round of golf, a walk or swim, before heading to work. Today, I do most of that barring the tea/coffee habit - with one life-changing technique added in. It’s a simple word called meditation. I soon abandoned my morning cup of tea when I realized it’s a hindrance more than a necessity. Instead of that I do a simple Art of Living Sahaj meditation technique when I wake up. This gives me an almost instant recharge and a sense of inner upliftment. The restlessness I would feel has also disappeared.

I also observed that when I wake up and do my physical activities like a swim, walk, yoga and then do a meditation, it gives me a deeper and more prominent feeling of mental and physical comfort and happiness. An immediate impact of meditation was on my work. Work that would normally take me many more hours was completed in much less time and neither was I feeling as tired or stressed. If I meditate before a big meeting, a discussion with an important client or a workshop, I find I contribute and connect better, leading to numerous successes at work. There is, of course, the spiritual side of it, where I am a much more content person, not disturbed by anything. My positive and happiness quotient is at an all time high.

Today, I do one meditation in the morning and one when I get back home in the evening for a quick relaxation session with myself. And yes, my game of golf has become much better. I am more focused, alert and centered while playing and my golf buddies keep asking the secret of my sudden successes in my game and life itself. I smile serenely and tell them, “It’s just a simple word called meditation.”