YES! Club World-Nepal


YES! Club World- Nepal is a kids, teenagers and youth wing club of The Art of Living-Nepal which caters sevral programs and projects for children, teenagers and youngsters of all ages.

Students who are adventorous, fun loving and who have a thirst for knowledge are the back bone of the Club.

YES! Club World-Nepal provides ample opportunities to become aware on carrer potentials and possibilities.

YES! Club World-Nepal has so far conducted several projects and some of them are highlighted here:

  • Bal Utsav- Celebrating Talent-
  • Umanga- Celebrating Joy-
  • Children Fete
  • Spread A Smile Project
  • Film Making Workshop
  • Adventure Camps
  • Art Competition
  • Stand Up Take Action
  • School Integration Programs
  • YES! Fun Gathering
  • Youth Interactive Series
  • Music and Dance Workshops
  • Spread A Smile FLASH MOB
  • Community Dog Welfare Survey Project
  • Muthi Daan Project
  • ''Deusi Bhailo'' Program
  • Rock Celebration
  • Concert for Cause
  • Orphange Welfare Project
  • Bal Chetna Shibhir 
  • Be Within YOU- Satsang Series
  • Creative Writing 
  • Gurudev Visit Campaign 
  • And Sevral others

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