Vegan Christmas Recipes: 7 Healthy Ones for Your Holidays

By Nikita Mayuresh | Posted: December 14, 2018

Do you want to enjoy Christmas without the guilt of eating unhealthy food? Are you the one who wants to eat tasty food but without gaining weight?

As the month of December begins, we all start preparing for Christmas celebrations. This time is really special for children and grown-ups alike.  Everyone enjoys it their own way. But the one thing that everyone wants is eating delicious food without gaining extra pounds. Tasty food can be made healthy with smart use of some ingredients. So, read on to know about 7 healthy and tasty vegan Christmas dishes.

1. Date and Walnut Oatmeal Cake

Christmas feels incomplete without a variety of delicious and lip-smacking cakes. But cakes are often made with white flour, refined sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients. So in this recipe, we are replacing these unhealthy ingredients with healthy alternatives. Dates and walnuts are good for your body. They contain healthy carbs and protein. As we are using dates in this recipe, there is no need to use refined sugar. Also, refined flour can be replaced by powdered oatmeal or oatmeal flour. Walnuts enhance the flavor of the dish. You can also use almonds and cashews instead of walnuts.

2. Flaxseed Spiced Carrot Olive Cake

Spiced Carrot Olive Cake is made with freshly grated carrots and some amazing spices. Instead of egg you can use flax seed powder, which is extremely healthy. You can use spices like cardamom and cinnamon to enhance the flavor of the cake. Mix all these ingredients with yogurt and bake it in the usual way. This cake tastes best when topped with cheesy cream frosting.

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3. Orange and Date Muffin

With the zest of orange and yummy dates, this muffin recipe is the best tea time snack option. You can also pack it in your kids’ lunch box. These muffins are wholesome and filling. They’ll stop you from overindulging on junk foods. You can use cinnamon, yogurt, flax and oatmeal flour to make them even healthier. Garnish with walnuts. Try them this Christmas and keep your weight in check.

4. Eggless Banana and Date Loaf

Banana and date loaf is one of the healthiest breakfast recipes. It’s full of good carbs and protein, which will help you feel full for a longer time and avoid overeating. You can use whole wheat flour instead of refined flour, and spice it with cinnamon powder. You can also eat it post workout to trigger weight loss. Enjoy this tasty loaf this Christmas.

5. No Cream Healthy Broccoli Pasta

No cream broccoli pasta is the healthy alternative to otherwise unhealthy pasta. Use whole wheat pasta, toss in some fresh broccoli along with Italian spices of your choice. If you love fresh cheese you can grate some at the end, but refrain from using a store bought white sauce, which has preservatives and added unhealthy sugar. This is one of the best lunch alternatives for you during Christmas.

6. Gluten Free Potato Pizza

It’s a healthier version of pizza. The pizza crust is made up of amaranth and rice flour topped with baked potato slices and fresh cheese. It’s best for your tea time parties and even dinner. You can accompany it with warm soup or sprout and corn salad. So enjoy this guilt-free pizza. It has a good combination of proteins, calcium, carbs and essential amino acids. It’ll help you avoid midnight hunger pangs which cause weight gain.

7. Roasted Vegetable Pizza Recipe With Oat Flour Crust

This is another healthy variation of good old pizza. Here, the crust is made up of oat flour which is then topped with roasted veggies of your choice. It’s super delicious. Also, it’s devoid of all the ill health effects of regular pizza. It’s a wholesome meal and you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

By Nikita Mayuresh - A software engineer turned blogger, passionate about healthy lifestyle, yoga, and good food, she loves to share her experiences and knowledge with everyone through her blog Health N Wellness Mantra.